Whilst we can hope that Forge world will give us a new army list it would be unrealistic to think that the Corsairs are high on list of priorities. Eldar Corsair Codex. Author’s Note: Eldar Corsairs (Fluff). ARMORY. ARMY LIST. HQ: Prince Lieutenants: Troops: Corsairs: 1+; Rangers: Kroot: Elites. Every list will include at least one Baron as a coterie leader and Corsair Cloud Dancer Band (Grade: A): These are Eldar Windriders plus.

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Not even sure if that would work with out atleast a 3 to 1 mix or the yellow to grey if it did a green would look like awesomeness on a yellowish grey! One in 3 guys can swap out his weapons for either a flamer, a crosairs pistol, a fusion gun or a power weapon. The prince is able to fire two different pistols during his shooting phase. Also note, that you’re eladr likely going to elar building qrmy army around whatever the Prince chooses as his obsession, as for four of these options, you have to pay points for them.

The prince thrusted at the orks with a neuro-disrupting blade dropping an ork with every strike of weapon. Many exodites join with corsairs for several years in the hopes of exploring the galaxy before returning to their home world.

A highly efficient laser weapon utilized by the eldar. So theoretically the unit could be 5 guys, all with short range melta pistols, flying round in a Corsair Venom to be discussed next. But cogsairs further ado, the Corsairs of IA The leader of the corsairs is regarded as a prince whereas secondary ranks are noted as lieutenants.

These mean they are treated not as walkers, but jump infantry for moving. This causes the prince to possess large amounts of comparatively green crews and resources that they bring into battle.

Eldar Corsairs (Fluff)

Instead of splinter cannons it comes with underslung twin linked shuriken rifles and a shuriken cannon, which can be swapped out for all Eldar heavy weapons, except for a Lance. When a prince joins a squad of zoats lisf unit uses the retinue rules.

Eldar Corsairs Fluff The term “eldar corsair” is bestowed by the imperum in admy attempt to classify a rather broad range of eldar, basically any space fairing eldar with either craftworld or exodite origins, but not under the direct authority of a craftworld or exodite world are assigned this title.


Having developed their skill by besting the megasaurs of their worlds, they are an impressive force on the battlefield. This weapon fires pods that explode and release a coil of vines that constrict and crush its targets. While the exact nature of the production rights of these factories are unknown to imperial experts, it is believe that numerous corsairs fleets are in cooperation in order to construct such vessels and the distribution of ships is contracted via some form of pack between corsair princes.

Anyway great article AP. Almost instantly the kroots and the dragons picked through the fallen orks. The remaining kroot had searched the ork ship, corsaigs did not come across anything valuable, well not to the eldar anyway.

Eldar Corsair Codex – Articles – DakkaDakka

This is a mobile form of the portal used by the corsair to crosairs together via the webway. But, the galaxy is full of dangers for ledar who brave it and the eldar are particularly vulnerable to the predators of the warp, more so then any other race.

Sorry for the bad quality too, I was only using a Webcam. Consider too that Corsair special rules and aethermancy don’t have very much effect on vehicles taken in those detachments. However, a Lynx can benefit from all three and the 12″ fearless bubble on it meshes well with Corsairs hatred of regrouping. Lots of fast infantry, same as the previous list, but now corswirs foot, jetpacking over the place. Place a spare 5-inch blast marker in base contact with the model; this marker will remain in play for the duration of the game.

Because of this corsairs are for more willing to embrace guerrilla tactics than craftworld armies. Harlequins return identical to those in both Eldar books — except they can now take a Corsair Venom as a transport as well as the options to choose a squad of Kabalite Warriors from Dark Eldar codex along with transport options or a unit from any Elites or Fast Attack section in Codex Eldar.

The shaman uses his mastery and connections to the flesh weapons possessed by the unit to heighten their ability. They look ultra metallic. The lasblaster also produces more refined shot that can negate the effect of flak armor. Other options are Hornetsidentical to those in Apoc v2, and make good harrying units 3 guys, 6 scatter lasers, 36 S6 AP6 shots a turn for pts?


Corsairs often use weapons that are eldat overcome an cordairs with the slightest xorsairs. The carnosaur is able to tear apart these creatures despite the their difference in size due to their adapted traits and vicious temperament, when faced with human sized opponents, carnosaurs have corsairz known to swallow exalted characters in an single bite. Up to three models may be equipped with specialized weaponry.

Sebastion yeah that iyanden yellow would be an awesome second tone for a grey! While corsairs are a foolhardy people even they will not practice seercraft while separated from the protections provide by their homelands. But, this is a rarity, as most princes will not agree to incorporate humans into their fleets, as such relationships are highly strained and invite disaster. Some are even large enough to produce the Void Stalker Battleships.

Red and black are two of ulthwe colours, I made the mistake of painting my stuff black, red and yellow and eldxr always ask if Srmy running a ulthwe list.

40K Review: Eldar Corsairs – Bell of Lost Souls

dldar FnP on any character for 10pts is boo. Many corsairs come from, or at the least are heavily influenced by, the craftworlds. After that the ship must reposition itself and can no longer involve itself in the ground battle. Corsair units coming from reserve may consider the edges of the marker as a continuation of their table edge when entering the game. A corsair ground force is composed of the war ready elements cotsairs the eldar fleet.

On rare occasions highly permissive princes have even incorporated humans into their arsenal. Some believe this behavior is due to rejecting the paths of the craftworlds, others blame the excessive contact with the younger races.

The vehicles lend themselves to the corsair methodology. But that did not lessen the pride Mal-Celm felt in his collection, while not having bested the champions directly, he had, through his command defeated them all.