Eemax EMT6 – EMT6 Mini Tank Water Heater V, 6 Gallon – FEATURES EMT6 must be hardwired Point-of-use heating eliminates long hot water pipe runs. Electric Mini Tank Water Heaters EMT1 – EMT – EMT4 – EMT6 Installation and Operating Instruction Manual Table of Contents Important Safety Instructions. Get Eemax EMT6 Instructions / Assembly. Get all Eemax manuals!.

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Must NOT be plugged or blocked. Locate the high limit reset button.

The element can be descaled chemically or manually. When using electrical appliances, safety precautions to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury to persons should etm6 followed, including: Check reset button; follow steps from previous section.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? EMT models can also be plumbed in series with the central water heater and act as a booster. Always unplug the power supply cord when the water is turned off or when servicing or draining the water heater.

Any continuous flow indicates a cross over which will effect the temperature and will need to be corrected. Power is eemax turned off to the heating element.


The temperature adjusting knob will increase the temperature by turning the knob clockwise and decrease the water temperature by turning the knob counter clockwise.

If the supplied electrical power cord is either damaged or not long enough, do NOT use an extension cord. Remove heating element noting original positions of all connections. Hydrogen gas can be produced in a hot water system served by this heater that has not been used for a long period of time generally 2 weeks or more. Page 20 Eemax Inc. If Water pipes are copper or bronze, use dielectric connections to prevent corrosion.

For various reasons eemzx high limit safety shut off switch will occasionally shut the water heater down. Water is not hot enough 1.

Connect only to properly grounded outlet. No of Aerators Supplied: Do not attempt to reset the high limit switch without first allowing wmt6 water heater to cool down the high temperature water inside the heater. Transit time is determined by shipping method and destination. Rollover image to zoom in Click image to enlarge. To prevent this from happening, there are two recommendations: Unplug the water heater.

Do not use an extension cord set with this water heater. Run the hot water at a nearby sink and evaluate the hot water temperature. Write your own review. Call a service person plumber or electrician for service assistance.


The water heater is equipped with an overheat limiting device with a manual reset.

Reinstall the element and gasket. Must be made of suitable material for hot water.

Model: EMT6

The water heater has been used for other than the intended purpose. Turn off the cold water supply to the water heater. When continuous water flows out of the faucet, the tank is filled. Make sure the power supply is on and working. The expansion tank must have a minimum capacity of 1. There should be no water eemwx. Remove all the line wires from the heating element.

Tankless Water Heater Solutions for You | Eemax

The water heater is equipped with a thermostat and a high limit temperature switch. Do not attempt to reset the high limit switch without first allowing the water heater to cool down the high temperature water inside semax heater. Now remove front panel. Unscrew the heating element retaining nuts.