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It is therefore more likely to find tracks of D.

During each period, four transects two in each zone of 4. This metric was measured as Brow, but taking machete cuts into account.

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Index of diversity and. Of humaa 17 species recorded in this study, eight were found in both areas, while nine species were exclusively found in the preserved area. A cylinder of Revista de Biologa Tropical, 59 1: Consequently, we recommend the use of complementary methods to record a ecolocaxin number of uumana. Post on Apr views. Experimental analysis of intermediate disturbance and initial floristic composition: ResultsThe least disturbed area was located on the Tolis-toque hill, hereafter called the ‘preserved area’.

Considering the contours of the net probability of detection, we observed that animals with an activity centre within a buffer of m around the trapping polygon had a 0.

The biodiversity of a Peruvian rainfor-est. The loss of these organisms could have devastating effects because they contribute in many ways to the functioning of the natural ecosystem Alon-so et al. In general, similar variables clustered together: Ecologa en Bolivia, 37 1: Tropical Conservation Science, 3 1: Presence of soil islands Isla When severe erosion takes place, soil is only held where large shrubs are rooted.


Endmica de una nica localidad situada en las eco,ocacin Zagros, en Irn occidental.

Land use Luse In several studies the percent of land cover devoted to agriculture, cultivated or induced pastures, or urban areas is used as a measure of disturbance. Metrics of the disturbance index of livestock density variables, human activities variables and land degradation variables. Entre los parmetros ambientales, el total de slidos en suspensin y la turbidez parecieron ser los ms influyentes en la distribucin temporal de las especies de plancton.

Totally modified surfaces Toms Land may humnaa so severely modified that measuring most of the previous metrics makes no sense, as it can happen on a paved road, a house, or on artificial water ways.

Zarco recorded the same number of species as in this study using camera traps in the same vegetation type. Disturbance was measured on a scale ofwhere zero is the least disturbance. The distribution of each parameter over the seasons can be analyzed by the positions of the seasons with respect to the environmental factors.

This, in turn, influences the availability of resources, and affects the birth and dea-th rates of several species, thus affecting vertebrate diversity August, ; Soule et al. Estudio de la abundancia relativa para mamferos en diferentes tipos de coberturas y carretera, Finca Hacienda Cristales, rea CerritosLa Virginia, Municipio de Pereira, Departamento de Risalda, Colombia.


On the contrary, the genus Sciurus may be more abundant than deer Odocoileus sp.

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The high abundance of U. Di-versidad de mamferos de la regin de Nizanda, Juchitn, Oaxaca, Mxico. Using this method we recorded 18 species of mediumsized and large ma-mmals, whereas the camera traps only recorded the presence of ten species. The Wildlife Society Bethesda, Maryland.

Revista Ecolgica Latino Americana, 6 1: In both areas, the highest relative abundance occurred during the rainy season. The total values of diversity indexes in both areas of study show that the populations of mediumsized and large mammals respond to anthropogenic factors, which is reflected in a decrease in their diversity.

Animal Biodiversity and Conservation issue 37.1 (2014)

Through the use of camera traps, 82 photographs of mammals were obtained, confirming the presence of ten of the species recorded by indirect methods. This document will refer mainly to the conversion settings as found in the conversion dialog, pictured below.

To search for traces of medium and large mammals, monthly samples were taken from September to August