Dynamind is an “instant healing” technique developed by Serge Kahili King, PhD , a prominent teacher of the ancient Huna tradition of Hawaii (King website. Serge Kahili King (author of Urban Shaman, Kahuna Healing, Earth Energies, and Instant Healing) has recently developed the DynaMind Technique (DMT) for . The Hawaiian Dynamind Technique for fast healing of physical & emotional pain. Posted on August 21, August 21, by Asaya. 21 Aug. Recently I was.

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Her statement of intention for the DynaMind process was: Makia techniue Energy flows where attention goes. Become more perceptive Make smarter decisions and choices in your relationships and in your career. You will learn by doing.

DynaMind–An “Instant” Technique for Healing Body, Mind and Circumstance

I need to know something about protection – some kind of shield or barrier. Write a customer review.

Take advantage of Your Review Privileges: Use super strategies to maintain concentration for reading, studying, classes, and in important meetings. Be more effective in achieving personal and business objectives.


A Quest for the Hidden Power of the Planet. After R1 Round 1, including Steps described above: Motivate yourself and follow through.

I see little demons coming out of my foot. When the ku is completely convinced of the new scenario, the effects of the original event disappear King, I had no idea of what that was all about, but did not inquire because the change seemed positive. Tap into your intuition. There were also the physical sensations; ranging from tightness due to perceived rejection or injustice, to the soft, openness of letting go to allow myself to have whatever I needed in a given event.

Dynamind Technique for Healing | Balanced Women’s Blog

Certainly this does relate to my first session about trusting – mostly trusting myself! So now the rest of the shell can be chipped off behind me. This sounds like your intuition, which you had said in the beginning you wanted to be able to trust. Would you like dynamund tell us about a lower price?

But then, after we started working with it more, the pain was slowly decreasing. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Notice the current image and change something about it.


All right, go back in using the TAT posewith the clear intention for it to truly be the new way – your choice now. She did so, identifying the place in her upper back that is “the place of lifting” as her anchor.

Get rid of them. It’s awesome, overpowering, a little scary.

THE DYNAMIND TECHNIQUE in Arabic- Serge Kahili King’s amazing process for instant healing.

This will be illustrated in the cases below. Endless Energy Kindle Edition. She also volunteers at Hospice.

How could you use all this right away? In this one, she reported that the focus was her vocal chords, which had been constricted.

Change something to improve the situation. When I first met her at the end of October, her right lower leg and foot were in a cast and she was using crutches.