1 DR. RAM MANOHAR LOHIYA NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, LUCKNOW FINAL DRAFT OF PLEADING, DRAFTING AND CONVEYANCE AMENDMENT OF. CONTENTS DRAFTING OF PLEADING AND CONVEYANCING – General Principles of Drafting and Relevant Rules CIVIL – Plaint – Written Statements. DRAFTING, PLEADING AND CONVEYANCING Course Teacher: Dr. Aneesh V. Pillai Introduction: By the art of legal drafting (also commonly called the legal.

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That the Respondent NO.

The parties come to know before hand what points the opposite party will raise at the trial, and thus they are a prepared to meet them and are not taken by surprise, which would certainly be the case if there were no obligatory rules of pleadings whereby the parties are compelled to lay bare there cases before the opposite party prior to the commencement of the actual trial.

While drafting a plaint, a lawyer must distinguish between facts which are asserted and which have to be established anv evidence whether documentary or oral, and facts which are, by themselves, conveynacing the nature of evidence.

Examples of Facts not Material In a suit on a promissory note, it is not material to state that the plaintiff requested the defendant to make the payment and he refused, because no demand is necessary when the promissory note becomes due and it K congeyancing payable immediately. Here is a case of acting without or in excess of jurisdiction.

They should be guided more by their own sense of proportion rather than succumb to every whim or eccentricity of their clients. The defendant must state all facts relating to the adoption of the plaintiff whether there was actual giving and taking of the plaintiff and by whom K and in whose presence.


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Mere absence would sufficient; “absence” in this context means such as would not enable the pleadiing to be present. The written statement is filed by the defendant as an S answer to the contentions of the plaintiff and it contains all materials and other objections which the defendant might place before the court to admit or deny the claim of pleadinv plaintiff. Errors of law, f any may also be indicated. The name of the Court should be given at the top and thereafter should follow the name of the applicant and the opposite party.

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The appellant has not filed any other appeal prior to this in the Hon’ble court. It will, thus, be set in the following A form: Such damages need not be proved. That the present environment on which the said minor is being brought up is not conducive to his M proper education and development of good character.

It is material to allege the U existence of a long established family or caste custom governing the parties to the marriage which permitted conveyanclng sanctioned such conveyancinh marriage. The complainant issued a lawyer’s notice dated U Necessary particulars in respect of i’njuredl deceased vehicle given below: Vijay Kumar, the Supreme Court has rightly observed: Petition under Article of the Constitution of India for issue of a writ of Prohibition The petitioner above named states as under: Marshalling of facts is what a good lawyer would always do before he sets them down in form of a plain.

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The so-called enquiry was held by person not duly authorized to do so. That according to Rule ………. That enquiry into the said charges was made by respondent No.

Now pleadihg a resolution making the intentions of the ………. Of course, the lawyer must weigh each fact and test its significance and relevance in relation to the given case.

Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing

C provides with the provision of amendment of pleading. Personal liberty has always be understood to include freedom of speech and right of association and peaceable pleadijg.

An Affidavit is sometimes also required to be filed in support of an application and in that the facts and grounds etc. Pleadings also eliminate the element of surprise during the trial, besides eradicating irrelevant matters which are admitted to be true.

Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing

Here only the legal plea has been taken. At many places family courts have been established to deal with matrimonial disputes. The general rule is that a party cannot prove a fact which he has pleaded. Open Delivery I partial delivery Drrafting dated 5 3. But the fact that the petition for execution was not in a tabular form is, S in itself, not a sufficient ground for rejection the application.