Down in Texas, there’s a little town called Honkeytonk, where the women get Praise For Delilah Devlin “Readers who can’t resist sexy, rugged cowboys will. Buy a cheap copy of Down In Texas book by Delilah Devlin. Down in Texas, there’s a little town called Honkeytonk, where the women get exactly what they. Similar Authors To Delilah Devlin. Cathryn Fox · Vivi Anna · Raven Janssen · Arianna Hart. Popular Series By Delilah Devlin Down In Texas. Delilah Devlin.

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Most of the story is about Maggie trying to get over her feelings of guilt for wanting to have a life with a man who can deoilah her everything her husband never could, and being seen with a ‘younger’ man.

Mac Lyssa’s brother and Suki had the more realistic relationship to me or at least the one that appealed to me the most. Maybe a little too much, “Ugggg I cant be with you, can’t, can’t, just can’t Brand was bossy and dominant, and loved to give Lyssa orders, but she stood up to him.

Mac is recovering from a bad leg delilag on his latest military mission. That gets his attention. Straight up Soldier Suki Reece is running from an abusive ex-boyfriend. Good thing her hot, and younger, ranch hand is available. Check my blog first thing tomorrow for the announcement of a winner!!

I may have to reserve at Borders as they are sometimes slow to put out the new releases.

Love those men “Down in Texas” by Delilah Devlin | Romance Junkies

Melting hot with good stories and romantic ending. As a young man he found Maggie Dermott to be the woman of his dreams and to his shame he found himself lusting after an older, married woman. She has earned her place on my calendar of books to be released. Wearing His Brand I didn’t care much for this story because I felt the heroine was too aggressive, manipulative and a tease.


I had a really good excuse though for not posting earlier. Straight up Soldier is a slight change up, now the hero is a military man instead of a cowboy but he is still just as alpha as the other two heroes. The first story of Brand and Lyssa, second story about Brand’s brother Danny, and the third story about Lyssa’s brother Mac.

If you like the first story, than I can’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy the rest. Oct 04, FayAnn Hollcroft rated it really liked it Shelves: I felt that in such a short period of time her acceptance of their relationship was too quick.

It is up to Lyssa to stop at nothing to prove that she can be woman enough for a tough, hot rancher to take. Hell, they’ll still have to share one horse to get home. And after seeing how his mother devastated his father when she ran off with a younger man, Brand doubts that he would ever allow a woman into his heart where she could have the power to destroy him.

The only obstacle is that she does not want to be seen as another Mrs Robinson.

Down In Texas

This story was hot! Lyssa is a spunky character and isn’t afraid to maneuver the situation to suit her needs. I’m not the biggest anthology fan–usually I can take ’em or leave ’em–but I really enjoyed this one. I also liked that this story easily set up the next story in the book and that the smuggler plot was carried on through till the end of the book. Delilah Devlin dev,in knows how to put 3 strong novellas together. Mar 19, Elle rated it liked it Shelves: She takes the protection that he offers, but did not realize that it came with a hefty dose of sexual tension.


Wearing His Brand Lyssa McDonough just got tangled up in a coil of barbed wire, and her clothes are ripped to shreds. Maybe Maggie could use a man’s attention too? All it takes is convincing her that their age difference is not big deal. I actually liked all three stories and their interconnecting characters. Delilah, Reading your teaers and reviews has been a lot of fun, kindof like a pre-party!

But this one was just kind of written like a continuous book just with different perspectives. Besides he promised her brother that he would look after her. De Delilah Devlin is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author with a rapidly expanding reputation for writing deliciously edgy stories with complex characters.

Besides some spanking and nearly public sex it was fairly white deli,ah.

deoilah The nice thing about these stories is they are short and sweet. The author hints about a relationship of Tara’s that’s gone wrong, so hopefully she’ll get to have one that leads to a HEA.

Just reading about those gorgeous cowboys, make me dream about a cowboy of my own. Lyssa hopes to convince Brand to finally see her as a woman and not just as his best friend’s ‘little sister’.

Nice, shorter stories for when you only have a few minutes. Can Mac do a favor for Txeas and keep an eye on Suki? Open Preview See a Problem?

I enjoyed all three stories but they were too short, I wished for a little more fleshing out of the characters and plots.