In her fiction debut, Doreen Baingana follows a Ugandan girl as she navigates the uncertain terrain of adolescence. Set mostly in pastoral Entebbe with stops in . Tropical Fish has ratings and 48 reviews. Marie said: I wish I read Doreen’s book back in high school. Tropical Fish is an easy and entertaining read. Doreen Baingana is a Ugandan short story writer. Her book, Tropical Fish won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, best first book, Africa, and an AWP Short .

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And, of course, we would one day leave this place to work in southern Africa, or go to Europe or America for further studies. The story is stunning and heartbreaking.

Tropical Fish by Doreen Baingana

Following the lakes up to Uganda. Will definitely get this book, Kinna.

fsh We went to school, played with friends and acted out our teenage angst against a background of political coups and economic hardships. Perhaps I want tropial to continue because now I understand her struggles, her questions, doree issues? An excited teenager whose unencumbered outlook to life leads her to the highs of life and ultimately the lows.

As the Mugishas cope with Uganda’s collapsing infrastructure, they also contend with the universal themes of family cohesion, sex and relationships, disease, betrayal, and spirituality. One perspective of many, I’m sure. I’m glad I read it, but not more than three stars glad: She does this with Green Stones and Tropical Fish. Yes, I knew it was a short story book set in Uganda but that was the last thing on my mind.


Tropical Fish: Tales from Entebbe by Doreen Baingana

As it is with most subsequent parts of this book, this story is much focused on Christine. In particular, the stories tracing Christine’s time working in the United States in Los Angeles and Washington, DC before returning to Uganda tell the story of identity, race, politics, diaspora, and power in an incredible way.

Christine recounts her story of the tropicxl that fascinate her as a child.

I wish I read Doreen’s book back in high school. Trivia About Tropical Fish: Also, sometimes it felt like the stories just sort of ended, randomly, not even in that unsettled sort of end but just in a place that seemed sort of random, like Baingana didn’t really know what to do bainbana just stopped writing.

How does Ugandan culture inform her experiences abroad?

Doreen Baingana (Author of Tropical Fish)

To view it, click here. On hair she won comprehensively.

How does her relationship with Taata shape her life without him and her relationship with her daughters? Familiar, sad and hopeful.

She nearly subdues hunger with obsessive religiosity. Arguments of the Migration vs Home African Literature will have something to pick from this story.

Tropical Fish

Jul 29, Sandy rated it really liked it Shelves: Back then, we thought we were different, separate from the Rakai kind; they were born suffering, after all, but not us, oh no.

When Dimple Met Rishi – [image: Overall, the writing is adequate, but I did not find this collection particularly noteworthy or memorable. We follow Christine to America, then back to Entebbe as she forms new definitions of “home.

One moves to LA and laments how unnecessary words have become in the West baingama so many day-to-day tasks. Christine is the main focus in this tale. A Work in Progress. Lists with This Book. This is a collection of short stories that are connected nicely to each other, but the collection can be read as a full novel, in my opinion.


Though the stories hint at political strife, hunger, a black market economy and the growing scourge fropical AIDS in Africa, they mostly focus on the attempts of Christine and her sisters to have normal girlhoods in the face of so much turmoil. But it was eating up all baigana smaller, rarer, gloriously colored tropical fish.

I just doren Baingana had a billion other books for me to read.

Discuss the stereotypes you associate with Africa and Africans. On noses you could call it a draw. Especially, the letter of Rosa to the lover who m I’m so troplcal I’ve discovered this book here on GR – it didn’t sound so very special, but as I have a personal interest in Uganda, I’d decided to read it, anyway, just for the cultural information – and I got so much more.

Tropical Fish is an easy and entertaining read which encompasses beautifully told memories and a true reflection of the life of a young Ugandan girl in the lower middle class society of the country. Through it all the mother has to support her family on her doree. Critcal Literature Review on Facebook.