slime molds; organisms having a noncellular and multinucleate creeping vegetative phase and a propagative spore-producing stage: comprises Myxomycetes. Two distinct phases occur in the life-cycle of a slime-mould. First there is an active assimilative phase in which the thallus, a protozoa-like amoeboid plasmodium. Definition of division Myxomycota in the Titi Tudorancea Dictionary. Meaning of division Myxomycota. What does division Myxomycota mean? Proper usage and .

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Key Concepts Since their discovery, myxomycetes have been variously classified as plants, animals or fungi, but there is now abundant molecular data divjsion confirm that they are amoebozoans and not fungi.

Division Myxomycota: History, Characteristics and Classification

Mitteilungen aus dem Geologischen Staatsinstitut in Hamburg For example, the myxomycetes are still included myxomyvota many textbooks of fungi. Patterns of occurrence on bark surface of living trees, leaf litter, and dung. Plasmodia are of two types in their life cycle: The class consists of two orders Hydro- myxales and Labyrinthulales. Clark J The species problem in the myxomycetes. This group shows uncertain affinities.

A Handbook of Slime Molds. Alexopoulos divided the class Myxomycetes into three subclasses: Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society This is a question and answer forum for students, teachers and general visitors for exchanging articles, answers and notes. Stephenson SL Distribution and ecology of myxomycetes in temperate forests. Types of fruiting bodies found in the myxomycetes. Join us divksion Twitter Follow tweets on recent articles eLifeSciences.


Division Myxomycota: History, Characteristics and Classification

Since their discovery, myxomycetes have been variously classified as plants, animals or fungi. Uninucleate amoeboflagellate stage, with right or myxommycota left flagella. BotanyFungiClassificationDivision Myxomycota.

Assimilative phase tree-living amoebae which unites as a pseudoplasmodium before reproduction Acrasiomycetes. Martin GW The systematic position of the Myxomycetes.

Later, Olive raised the rank subclasses into classes as Protosteliomycetes, Acrasiomycetes and Dictyosteliomycetes.

The class consists of a single order Plasmodiophorales with a single family Plasmo- diophoraceae. Collins OR Myxomycete genetics, — Meiosis takes place during spore formation in the fructification.

Zoospores biflagellate, having unequal flagella of whiplash type, situated in opposite direction, the shorter one in anterior and longer one in posterior side. Martin also treated slime molds as Myxomycetes under fungi and which according to him has a protozoan ancestry. However, there is now abundant molecular data to confirm that they are amoebozoans and not fungi. They are commonly aquatic and saprobic, but rarely parasitic.


Canadian Journal of Botany Sclerotium derived from the plasmodium only under adverse conditions. Mature fruiting bodies with spores still enclosed. Sign up for e-alerts.

division Myxomycota

Approximately species of myxomycetes have been described, but the concept of species as used for many of the more familiar groups of organisms is often rather problematic. Alexopoulos CJ The rapid sporulation of some myxomycetes in moist chamber culture.

University of Iowa Studies in Natural Myxomycora The class consists of 16 genera and 45 species. Basic structural myxomycotx of the fruiting body of a myxomycete. Tansley reviews Read the latest Tansley reviews from New Phytologist. This group is commonly known as true slime molds or plasmodial slime molds Fig.

Ein beitrag zur Kenntnis der niedersten thiere. Schnittler M and Mitchell DW Species diversity in Myxomycetes based on morphological species concept—a critical examination. Beginning of the formation of fruiting bodies.

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