The Sea Priestess is the title of a highly acclaimed novel, self published in by Dion Fortune. The protagonist of the story is a mild. The Sea Priestess is the highly acclaimed novel in which Dion Fortune introduces her most powerful fictional character, Vivien Le Fay Morgan- a practicing. The Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune – book cover, description, publication history.

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Jun 26, T.

Dion Fortune’s, “The Sea Priestess” | Gypsyscarlett’s Weblog

It was possible that writing so much about the ocean might get repetitive and boring, but Dion Fortune made it wonderful instead. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Being a follower of a Nature religion, and because the book was written by Dion Fortune, I almost felt an obligation to read this.

The nine sisters who rule the island bestow peace and happiness to all their loyal subjects. You can really feel a change in his life and perspective, and it carries over to the reader’s experience as well at least mine.

It had the same kind of corporate being as a hive or a herd, which is not embodied, but overshadowed. Pagan priestess or not, Fortune was born in a time when bold female sexuality belonged only to whores. Along dikn an anonymous woman known only as “E. To be sure, Wilfred had been waiting for something or someone like Vivien his whole life, never having been content to go along with the mindless herd, whom he sees as beneath him.

The cliffs on the northern and southern flanks of Brean Down have large quantities of fossils laid down in the marine deposits about — million years ago. Butlerlikewise split with the Fraternity to found his own group in Jerseythe Servants of the Lightwhich would later be taken over by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and remains oriestess of the world’s largest esoteric organizations in the early 21st century maintaining about active students. At the novel’s opening, sra is a self-described mother’s boy who quarrels endlessly with his pushy sibling.


He has become an initiate of the goddess if we choose to put it in esoteric terms — whilst she, as the adept, in pursuit of her own magical destiny, passes on, uncommitted, to her next assignment from the inner beings for whom she works, represented in the novel by the shadowy figure known as the Priest of the Moon.

The Triumph of the Moon: Human habitation of the place in the very distant past is not quite so fanciful as might be thought, as proved by the recent discovery of well preserved roundhouse walls at least 15, years old on the southern side of the Down.

Talking men into killing themselves by promising them good fortune in the realms of the dead reminds me of Islamic suicide bombers who are told they will be blessed with ppriestess in heaven. Like I said, definitely worth a read, but I think it’s worth keeping these things in mind while reading.

We can easily imagine the searchlight cabin as a place of meditation for Vivien Le Fay Morgan, looking out over the dark line of rocks that extend like steeping stones into the sea, over which she trod at night to the alarm of her colleague William Maxwell as the Atlantic rollers broke around her.

I saw the vast sea of infinite space, indigo-dark in the Night of the Gods; and it seemed to me that in the darkness and silence must be the seed of all being. From what I can glean, sexual chemistry did not spark between Dion and her husband, and he sought partners elsewhere, which led to their divorcing. They make the pair well worth reading and pondering. Fortune, unlike Rickman, was writing truth as she defined it masked as fiction, I found some of the beliefs and practices sinister and disturbing.

As I am a bit given to musing myself, I enjoyed it, but I would add that how you feel about The Sea Priestess will largely depend on your world view and whether you take it seriously as a spiritual text. In Nevill Drury ed.

Sea Priestess

The Qabalah is a bit too cerebral for me. As priestesw was, in her last two novels, The Sea Priestess and Moon Magicshe achieved greatness within the genre.


In her Oceanic form she is known as Domnu, Lady of the Deep. To some extent it may be, but to leave it there is to be content with a mere half truth, for imagination and suggestion are but a priming of the pump.

Book Review: The Sea Priestess, by Dion Fortune | Like Telling the Truth

Fortune understood that Atlantis lived on as the otherworldly isle of Avalon. The only downside is that Wilfred tends to waffle on about his miserable life – but it makes a good contrast for when Morgan comes into the picture. Common terms and phrases ancient Anyway Aphrodite asked asthma Atlantis began Bell Head Bell Knowle Binah Bindling called cave cedar coming curious dark Dickford Dickmouth Dion Fortune dream earth eyes face Fay Morgan feeling felt Fire of Azrael gave girl Goddess gods gone hand heard Isis Isis Unveiled juniper knew land Le Fay Morgan learnt light living looked magical image marshes mind Miss Le Fay Miss Morgan Molly moon moonlight Morgan Le Fay mother Muckley never night Persephone pretty Priest priestess queer realised rocks rose round sacrifice Sally sandalwood Scottie Scottie’s sea-cave sea-priestess seemed shadows silver sister smiled soul star sapphires Starber stood strange suppose talk tell temple things thought tide told took Treth Trethowen turned voice walked wanted watched waves Wilfred wind woman wondered worship.

Strange as it may seem, she had even felt uncomfortable about being accused of revealing too much in her innocuous textbook The Mystical Qabalah. But, yes, very fascinating. Email required Address never made public. One of the comments which follows says: Now I have never simply played a song and the lyrics for a review before, but it seems like a cool idea and it’s my blog so I can do these fun things.

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