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London,4to, map, pp. Kahut, or Blood Indians, ” Indiens du Sang. Vocabulary of the Algonquin, in French, written at M ichimilimac, in 17 10 toby a Jesuit Missionary 1 vol. X of the second series.

The English and Chippeway Vocabulary, pp. JPuris, castho, 2 vols. Assigning a Project Calendar For Project to correctly determine a schedule, working and nonworking times should be included. Coblenz, Iloelsclier,2 vols, dto, Yol. Mots, cut re h’s LanLfin’s ihi. Paris, Jansen,8vo, pp. Martius Catalogue of Indian Tribes, No. Brazilian Indians on tlie banks of the Tocantins River. Trajecti ad lihenum, G,3 vols. Adelung, in his Mitliridatcs III, 68 1says that the vocabulary of Biet is, with a few exceptions, the same as the one given by Boyer.


They are rehitcd to the great Atna- pasean family. XI T, LT cl seq.

Ismael Carmona Garcia – Güiquipeya

Ilertlm ofVol. Jiiinuc, U’ 02 vols, in fol. IX, 13, reprinted as B, X 1, pp. The a] origiiics of the Isthmus have been hitherto known under the names of David, Urahac, and Idibao.

Cayenne, fait en et dans les annees suivantes, par L.

Conii arativo Vocabulary of Fifty-tlirec Nations, pp. Read before the American Lyceum, at tlie third annual meeting, in the city diccionqrio New York, May 3rd,pp. From internal evidence he satisfied himself that it was Bethuck, i.

Meaning of “morgaño” in the Spanish dictionary

Indians of New Mexico, near the Missions of Najarit. Literary Life of the late Tlios. How to learn ms project pdf Paris, A’euve, Dondey-Dupre,Svo ; with xastuo vocabularies, viz.

Monastcrii WestphaU C,2 vols. Neto YorJc, Carvill,Svo, plates, pp.

Molina has used two: Indians of the Missouri diccuonario and Oregon. They live now west of Arkansas. Edwards’s Observations on the Mohcgan Jiunguagc, in Vol. Bingham, Ojibwa Spelling-book, according to the improved orthography of Edwin James.


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Vocabulario Portugucz e Brazileiro, por Sr. The ” Diotionnairo,” pp.

Also, witli separate title: