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Either load paper of the specified size, or press the [Paper] key and select devepop different paper size. The main screen appears. Conditions for entering Power Save mode – When the [Power Save] key is pressed – After the specified length of time has elapsed after the last operation default setting: Interrupting A Copy Job Copies are produced with different zoom ratios in the vertical and horizontal directions.

Indicates that thick paper is selected. For a comfortable, healthy, and safe operating environment, it is recommended that the develoo be well ventilated. To interrupt a copy job!

To copy continuously uneo thick paper, postcards, overhead projector transparencies or envelopes, use the 1st paper drawer. The machine has entered Power Save mode. Refer to “Replacing the toner bottle” on page Using the original glass Detail For details when printing from a computer, refer to the user manual for the printer driver.


Develop Ineo 213

If this key is pressed while a computer document is inoe printed, printing stops so that the interrupting copy job can be performed.

The following procedure describes how to make copies after entering an account number.

Since radiation emitted by the laser is completely confined within a protective housing, the laser beam cannot escape from the machine during any phase of user operation. The use of non-shielded cable is likely to result in interference with radio communications and is prohibited under CISPR 22 rules and local rules. Use the keypad to type in the new administrator access code, and then press the [OK] key. From the control panel, select the desired copy settings.

If the unit falls it may cause severe personal injury. Function Combination Matrix Automatically Clearing Settings auto Panel Reset A diagonal line indicates a prohibited course of action.

Develop ineo Manuals

Detail For details on the number of pages that can loaded into the multi bypass tray optionalrefer to page Is the “Error” indicator on the control panel lit? Placing highly translucent or transparent documents on the original glass Zoom Ratio Settings A maximum of 20 overhead projector transparencies can be loaded.


Automatically clearing settings Auto panel reset With the auto panel reset operation, all functions and modes are reset to their default settings after copying or after a specified length of time has passed after the last operation is finished.

When checking the inside of the unit for malfunctions such as a paper misfeed, do not touch the locations around the fusing unit, etc. JAM” appears” on page Enter the account number according to the procedure described in “Entering the account number” on page Clearing All Total Counters Gdi-printer Specifications standard Page margins For details, refer to page Load the paper into the manual bypass tray one sheet at a time.

Standard on ineo Optional on ineo 2 Automatic document feeder DF optional Automatically feeds one document sheet at a time for scanning.