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Now you must use only the jog dial to keep the receiver in this mode; to resume normal operation, type any new frequency on the keypad.

Nice and stable SSB reception. Love it so so much. I agree with your comments per cent. It boasts a big orange-illuminated display almost as big as the speaker insidehowever the overall look is kept simple, with emphasis to recreate the d1e103 analog tuning feel: But its price tag is WAY too high.

Best Regards from Ireland. Tightnening the screws inside or gently pressing the case may help.

Degen DE review – G7AQK Ham Radio and Model Railways

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I would still recommend buying this radio if you want one great receiver at a great price. At null beat the BFO seems to quit for a second. But in most instances, I could hear local AM broadcasters bleeding in, as well.

I own the kaito ka and I agree with you about the performance.

This make tuning in SSB a little easier. Some revisions have a warbly SSB reception when the unit is shaken while on. Unless the receiver is AC-powered, the illumination when switched on will stay active only for 15 seconds.


Could strong interference account for this? But a note of caution for people looking to buy the newer model newer from about Setting them is very easy but I have overwritten a couple by mistake, finger trouble.

I never really took to this radio despite it being a good performer for a small portable. Should I stay in between and go for a PL?

The New Degen DE DSP: First impressions & review | The SWLing Post

But we have come to expect muting with the DSP sets. The DE sounds dull and in some de113 not clear. Imaging was prevalent on the DE when it was tuned to pretty much any audible shortwave broadcaster.

If you have any questions, dsgen, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. At one time, I even thought it would be perfect for the DE to have this feature, but you know what? On the right side of the receiver there’s the multi-purpose jog dial, which is used for degenn tuning, to set the volume, clock, battery charging hours, memory presets etc. I kind of started to dislike DSP, for it can be annoying to hear it engage and disengage when a signal contantly drops down and recovers.

Sensitivity is not everything Better then the Sony but not as good as the GP5.

Degen 1103

Hi guys, the GP5 may be a great buy for the price, but you will need to have your glasses on when operating this radio, buttons are micro size.


I often listen at night XYL permitting and the light works well, switching on when a button is pressed or the tune dial turned, then switching off after approx. The receiver needs a long wave and medium wave boost. Oh well, I guess I will drop the extra bucks and buy the PL I took the Degen DE outside, sat it on the tailgate of my truck and put it on the air… I tuned around the mediumwave band and picked up all of the local benchmark stations.

I like the pseudo Analogue display, takes me back to an old Philco receiver. Very compact, small weight, sturdy, well built receiver. Also some issues with the volume. Should be cured by some screening. Your browser is out-of-date! Does anyone no how the jog wheel actually works. Great radio, replaced my old beat to hell grundig G8 that just fell apart.

My remote control setup. The radio is very well built with a sturdy metal faceplate in the front. I was hoping this would be at least the same as the Duel Conversion A lot degenn been written about the volume control not being seperate you push a button and the tuning dial then control the volume but I like it, its simple, the AGC kleeps the volume reasonable steady so lots of adustment is not necessary.