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To the successive enlargement made across the times never corresponded a decrease in the density of the patients number, with the flow of decrwto to admission. Le persone fisiche decrego o che abbiano consentito una sicurezza personale o che abbiano assunto o ceduto un bene in garanzia possono prevalersi delle disposizione del presente comma. The problems gathered by the Medical Commission and the Directive Commission of the Civil Hospital of Lisbon, afterwards turned into General Civil Hospitals of Lisbon Directorate in terms of the number of patient admissions, the available financial budget and the situation concerning its supplying continued to existing in the next years.

Atol Palmyra

The way of the Portuguese collective historical process would be, as such, very long until the country witnesses the constitutional recognition of the universal political, social, economical and cultural rights to the people, only possible after the end of the fascist regime in 25 April 624-112 comitato di fabbrica, o in mancanza, i delegati del personale, o in mancanza, i dipendenti, possono solo procedere alla sostituzione dei proprio rappresentanti. Lo sviluppo del bilancio economico, sociale e ambientale Articolo L.

Bio No content specified. Ogni persona interessata, a esclusione di quelle indicate dagli articoli L. 642-12

As it was pointed out about the reform, the creation of a more effective selection and admission of patients in the Hospitals was an ambition to be accomplished. Concerning this last aspect, the economical years before the reform, as like the first that followed it, continued to show a budget deficit which progressively increased. It was under the rule of the War Office, being under supervision of the General Inspection of the Health Services of the Army, to military decrrto health surveillance.

In truth, however, the nursing school would only by a reality after the hospitals reform, and also an attached clinical service. The debt from this origin of the municipalities was in 1 Julyof about Although, even 6224-12 the supervision of the Kingdom Ministry by the General Public Health and Beneficence Directorate, it is true that the reform open space to the administrative autonomy to the Hospital that would be confirmed in the years to come.


This structure underlined the great centralisation in the person of the hospital matron of lots of the achievements during those years by the Hospitals.

Source text – French I.

Having in mind the fascist dictatorship characteristics that would be ruling Portugal for forty eight years, above all in terms of the retrocession produced in the field of the social politics, it seems to be symptomatic this nomination to be in charge. Every director of hospital or hospitals benefited, in relation with their ruling services, from complete technical and professional autonomy, being obliged to present their work to the Medical Commission of the Hospitals and higher authorities I diritti del congiunto Dwcreto L.

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Atol Palmyra – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

In direct confront with the priests of the Catholic Church, and side by side with the teachers and lawyers, the doctors gained importance near the ruling classes of the end of the Portugal of the 19th century, although this was a largely catholic and rural country in terms of its population.

Il tribunale si pronuncia dopo aver ascoltato o debitamente chiamato il debitore. Section 2 Des droits du conjoint Article L. From its beginning in its specialities went to the admissions of women and children, pointing out the emerging studies of that period concerning paediatrics.

Translated by David Pereira. On the other hand, none the less the increase of budget resources towards the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon, the needs and insufficiencies were always a dominant tonic, as we underlined in different periods and as it was described by the hospital administrators themselves. The Directive Commission represented by its president would contact with the Home minister by the General Aid Directorate.

Send email More actions. With the beginning of the military dictatorship by the coup of 28 Maythat quickly spread the fascism across all the State departments, the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon know a similar change to what happened in the end of the 19th century and that would be very important in the future administrative conductions: One Deceased Patient, by lack of treatment, is a molecule to take off to the public wealth ….


The doctors promoted the vulgarization of the scientific speech of medicine where the private clinics, the domiciliary visits and the hospitals acquired a central role5. Le condizioni e le forme del ricorso previsto dal primo comma sono fissate per decreto in Consiglio di Stato. Le osservazioni del debitore vengono svolte in un termine fissato da decreto in Consiglio di Stato. This was the first legislative peace of the Portuguese 1st Republic that rethinks all the issue, putting it on the rule of the Central Aid Office of Lisbon which guaranteed the higher link with the General Aid Directorate of the Home Office successor of the Kingdom Ministrysearching to control those aid services in terms of the State rule and also defining the relations between the public institutions and the private ones Egli trasmette questa lista al giudice-commissario.

Translation – Italian Dedreto L. Also at the level of the managing and administration model of the Hospitals, the years covered by this study follow the huge political, institutional and social instability occurred in the first third of the 20th century in Portugal. Skip to main content. Il giudice commissario decreta per ordinanza, senza ritardo, sulla domanda di sostituzione a lui indirizzata di immettere il tribunale a tal fine.

The Medical Services of the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon maintained the rule of the Regulation valid from 24 Decemberin terms of its organization and staff, excepting its clinics, hygiene and pharmacy direction of the hospital services, that until that time was a competence of the decerto matron.

In that sequence and finishing the parliamentary debate that crossed several legislative years decrrto the republican regime, it is approved the Decreeof 27 Novemberorganizing the Administration of the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon.