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Feb 24, For use of this form, see DA PAM ; the proponent agency is DCSLOG. EDITION . UHASAM FORM LOGBOOK. Full text of “Army Form A_17” – Internet Archive: 4. 5. ITEM NO. NOMENCLATURE CHECK NUMBER 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. DA FORM , NOV EDITION. Get the U.S. Army Form DA AIRCRAFT INVENTORY RECORD. Description. U.S. Army Form DA Author: U.S. Army. The first page by.

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DA Pam contains an index of DA publications and forms. Authorization to forrm off “red-X” or “circled-red-X” conditions is fodm in writing by memorandum or on DA Form by the owning unit commander. The shop library contains manuals on the specific duties of the shop. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. TIs conduct informal inspections of the various shops periodically and bring any deficiencies or safety hazards found to the attention of shop supervisors.

The form s are returned to PC after the inspection. The message is identified as an interim change. For example, all ARs in the series are about aviation. This pamphlet explains the following:.

Urgent inspection requirements are initially sent to the units by a TWX. The first two digits of these manuals identify the preparing technical service. However, do not discard old publications until new ones are reviewed.


A copy of the message is filed in front of 24081-7 basic publication or the last printed change.

Technical inspection of aircraft maintenance ensures that standards and practices established by applicable publications are followed. The work must be inspected and signed off by another person designated in writing by the 24008-17. Classified publications are discarded according to AR and unclassified publications will be discarded according to instructions from the local disposal officer.

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SOF supplements are used to quickly provide safety information when a hazardous condition exists. TIs are responsible for two types of libraries—master and shop. Sign In Sign Out. A basic number identifies the primary subject, and a subnumber indicates additional information. If publications sa received before they appear in the index, you will prepare and keep a list with the index.

Minor changes accumulate before being printed. If all supersessions and rescissions are posted correctly, files are accurate and agree with the index. QC personnel ensure that fa libraries are current and updated with the latest changes.

The TI should be available to answer the repairers’ questions and resolve problems.

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TBs for specific items of equipment are numbered in the same manner as TMs for that item. There is no charge for Navy publications, but there is a charge for blank forms. Check the message file when the index arrives to ensure that all required messages are on hand. NPFC will be used to order Navy publications. These messages provide information of a maintenance technical or general nature.


The equipment tests systems for proper functioning, analyzes malfunctioning units, and presents an accurate picture of serviceability. Local policies differ according to the size of the unit concerning the location of publications.

Army Publishing Directorate

These supplements contain important operational, precautionary, and restrictive instructions that cause flight limitations. TI or crew chief uses this form to enter the one-time inspection due on the aircraft or aircraft component.

See paragraphs through below for procedures on inspecting aircraft forms and records. DA Pam provides information on posting and filing publications. Aircraft are inspected to ensure that published specifications are followed, maintenance fform are complied with, and quality work is completed efficiently. Equipment at each station should include all items needed to perform the inspection. The AGSE team uses the Joint Technical Data Interchange JTDI website for communicating technical information, product updates, addressing issues and concerns and providing an online help ticket for customers in the field.

The stamp will be obtained through local purchase. In turn, this helps make sure any property transfers are done correctly.