CY7CAXI Cypress Semiconductor bit Microcontrollers – MCU MULTIPORT HOST IND datasheet, inventory, & pricing. CY7CAXA Cypress Semiconductor bit Microcontrollers – MCU MULTIPORT HOST/SLAVE datasheet, inventory, & pricing. CY7C Ez-hosttm Programmable Embedded Usb Host/peripheral Details, datasheet, quote on part number: CY7C

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Device returned NAK 0: When read, this register reads back the last data written, not the data on pins configured as inputs see Input Data Register.

CY7C Datasheet(PDF) – Cypress Semiconductor

Enable UART interrupt 0: For further information on setting up the external memory, see the External Memory Interface Section. Data Data Bits [ Indicates FIFO error 0: With several interface options datasneet, EZ-Host can act as a seamless data transport between many different types of devices.

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation assumes no responsibility for the use of any circuitry other than circuitry embodied in a Cypress Semiconductor product. Enable transfers to an endpoint 0: Cy767300 n Interrupt Enable Register Register Description The Device n Interrupt Enable Register provides control over device-related interrupts including eight different endpoint interrupts.


Interrupt did not trigger Mailbox In Flag Bit 8 The Mailbox In Flag bit is a read-only bit that indicates cy7c677300 a message is ready in the incoming mailbox. The circuit connections should look similar to the diagram below.

This special Breakpoint Register is used by software debuggers which interface through the HPI port instead of the dataeheet port. Note that the address lines do not map directly. Count Stall Flag W Indicates a block mode interrupt has not triggered 7.

Unused GPIO pins should be configured as outputs and driven low. IN transfer device to host Enable Bit 1 The Enable bit must be set to allow transfers to the endpoint. This register initializes to the default address 0 at reset but must be updated by firmware when the host assigns a new address.

When set for device operation only one USB port is supported. Assigns the receive bit stream 0: CY7C and the external host processor. In Host mode, EZ-Host supports four downstream ports, each support control, interrupt, bulk, and datasjeet transfers. Cy7caxi cypress semiconductor mcuapplication. Interrupt did not trigger Mailbox Out Flag Bit 0 The Mailbox Out Flag bit is a read-only bit that indicates if a message is ready in the outgoing mailbox.


CY7C67300-100AXI Datasheet

There are four registers dedicated to controlling the external Table To clear this interrupt, a zero value should be written to this register. Watchdog timer did not expire. The HSS interface supports both byte and block mode operations as well as hardware and software handshaking. For Isochronous transfers, this datasheeh represents a successful transaction which will not be represented by an ACK packet.

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Bit 15 14 13 12 Field 11 10 9 8 Address Enable One Shot mode. PWM n Stop Register Capacitor value should be no more that 6. Page 1 banking is always datasjeet and is in effect from 0x to 0x9FFF.