Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Pedro Cieza de León (Llerena, Sevilla , ). España. Fue conquistador y cronista e historiador del Perú. Escribió. Pedro Cieza de León (Llerena, Sevilla, ). España. Fue conquistador y cronista e historiador del Perú. Escribió una Crónica del Perú en tres partes. The First part of the Chronicle of Peru by Pedro Cieza de León is described by the Tags: Biblioteca Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, crónica, crónica de indias, Inca .

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But they all agree that their ancestors lived in a wild state before they were subjugated by the Yncas, that they had strongholds in the mountains whence they came out to fight, and that they had many vicious customs. Their heads cronoca large, like those of Spanish sheep.

God was served by the rebel being the victor in this battle.

Cronica del Peru

The ear is represented by a semi-lunar figure in a square, and in the fore-part of it is a vertical band with three squares, terminating in the head of a wild beast. There are no discussion topics on ce book yet. Walter Mendoza marked it as to-read Dec 11, From the eyes, which are large and round, two wide bands, each with three double circles, project to the chin.

Their flesh is good, though not so good as that of the domesticated llama. Marcia Morales Montesinos marked it as to-read Nov 01, In the present year a mine belonging to the captain Hernando Pizarro has been cleaned out, which was worth more than two hundred thousand pesos of gold every year, Antonio Alvarez, an inhabitant of this town, showed me, in the City of the Kings, a little ore taken from this hill of Porco, which appeared to be nearly all silver.

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This town of Plata was settled and founded by the captain Peransurez, in the name of his Majesty the emperor and king our lord, the Adelantado Don Francisco Pizarro being his governor and captain-general of Peru, in the year Explore the Home Gift Guide. The great lake of the Colloa is called Titicaca, from the temple which was built on an island in it.

La cronica del Peru/ The Chronicles Of Peru : Pedro Cieza De Leon :

There are also many other stones carved into the shape of men and women so naturally that they appear to be alive, some drinking dsl cups in their hands, others sitting, others standing, and others walking in the stream which flows by the walls. Retrieved from ” https: From the imder hp projects, in the form of a beard, six bands, towards the edge of the cliin.


Historygeographyethnographypolitical sciencebotanyzoology. The natives held a very vain and foolish belief, which was, that in the time of their pesro there was no light for many days, and that, when all was wrapped in darkness and obscurity, the resplendent sun came up out of this island of Cisza, for which reason it was considered sacred, and the Yncas erected a cieeza on it in honour of the sun, which was much revered and venerated among them, and which contained many virgins and priests, and great store of treasure, of which the Spaniards, at different times, have collected a great deal, but most of it is still missing.

The Andes bordered on these sterile tracts, a certain number of Indians with their wives should be taken from each village, and stationed to cultivate the land in the places where the chiefs directed them to settle.

They say that, before marriage, the pdero may go loosely, but that they are punished with death if they are guilty of infidelity after they have been delivered to husbands.

Truly it is very pleasant to see the Indians of the Collao go forth with their beasts, and return with them to their homes in the evening, laden with fuel. This fair continued from early morning until dusk ; and as these Indians got silver every day, and are fond of eating and treating, especially those pru have intercourse with Spaniards, they all spent what they got, so that people assembled from all parts with provisions and other necessaries for their support.

When the wind is fresh they extract much silver, but when there is no wind they cannot by any means extract silver ; so that, as the wind is profitable in the sea for navigating, it is so here for extracting silver. They are near the lake called by the Spaniards Chucuito, the proper name of which is Chuquivitu. The wool of these vicunas is excellent, and finer than the wool of merino sheep in Spain. From the outer part of each eye a band descends, adorned with two squares terminating in a serpent.


All the above is from Pedro de Cieza de Leon, in his th chapter ; to cjeza I propose to add some further particular obtained from a schoolfellow of mine, a priest named Diego de Alcobasa who I may call my brother, for we were born in the same house, and his father brought me up.

They dam up square shallow pools by the sides of streams, and se them with potatoes during the cold season of June and July.

Pedro Cieza de León – Wikipedia

The famous ruins of Tiahuanaco, generally considerefl to be long anterior to the time of the Yncas, appear, like those at Ollantay-tambo, to be remains of edifices which were never completed. When these are finished, the women peu servant- girls who have not been killed come out into the village in their mantles and hoods, some carrying the arms of the chief, others his ornamental head-dress, and others his clothes and other things.

The ciezq is shghtly prominent, siuTounded on the lower side by a wide semicircular band, and terminating towards the inner side of the eyes in two corners. I remained a whole day at Pucara cronnica at everything. But, in truth, the Kings Yncas who ruled over this em- pire were so wise, and such excellent governors, that they established laws and customs without which the majority of their people would have suffered great hardships, as they did before they came under the rule of the Yncas, In the Collao, and in all the parts of Peru, where, owing to the cold climate, the land is not so fertile and abundant as in ledro warm valleys, they ordered that, as the great forests of Leon, and other early writers.

La crónica del Perú

These people wear croinca caps called chucos on their heads. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. He was the first European to describe some native Peruvian animal species and vegetables.