With this book Robert Graves again demonstrates his command of a vast historical subject, creating a startling and vivid picture of a decadent era. Read more. A review y David Maclaine of the historical novel Count Belisarius by Robert Graves. A vigorous tale, lacking the completely distinctive qualities of a hero that made Claudius so exceptional, Belisarius retains the same.

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Graves bends this story into “For not by numbers of men, nor by measure of body, but by valor of soul is war to be decided.


May 25, Paul Christensen rated it really liked it. These characters are not moderns playing out a historical narrative with some hastily-researched versimilitude tossed in for flavor. The book, supposedly written by rlbert wife’s eunuch Eugenius, follows his campaigns in Rome and Northern Africa, chronicling the court intrigues and jealousies that prevent him from winning the glories that should have been his.

I, Claudius was a popular success when turned into a television series, but Graves’ other historical novels seem to have been largely forgotten. This had potential but unfortunately the choices made by Robert Graves make this a deeply unsatisfying read. Times were tough, though, and their world was greatly impoverished when compared to the heights of the Roman Empire which is one reason why Belisarius’s armies only number in the low tens of thousands, sometimes less, and were often poorly kitted out and supplied.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Count Belisarius is a kind gravfs epilogue to ‘I, Claudius’, moving from the murderous and destructive reigns of Tiberius and Caligula to the final, pitiful end, as Rome was invaded and sacked by barbarian tribes while Constantinople tried desperately to keep what was left of it’s dominion.


I enjoyed King Jesusbelisariux I didn’t take it at all seriously. King Jesus – buy from Amazon. For this gravse, Justinian comes to regard Belisarius as a threat to roert power who must be contained, rather than a precocious talent to be cultivated and protected.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. But then there are those that must be kept in boxes and stored away – due to lack of bookshelves.

Farrar, Straus and Giroux October 1, Language: Graves recounts how Belisarius suffers trying to satisfy the whims of the two rulers. All this is only setting the scene. All of Robert Graves’ books are worth reading. Graves’s treatment of Belisarius is mostly respectful: Such rober mechanisms are necessary, since most attempts would be Quixotic, at best, and likely delusional which is not to say that volunteerism — for example — is belisariua bailiwick of the deluded or naive; the belief that our efforts will significantly address deeply ingrained societal problems is, however, deluded But in the end, this is less a testament to the nobility of belief and loyalty than it is an argument against hereditary succession of power, and of tyranny in general.

The basic premise is taken from Samuel Butler’s theory that a Sicilian princess wrote the Odyssey; here she interpolates some material of her own into the works of “Homer”, notably the story of Nausicaa and the slaying of the suitors.

But first Robett had to acquire a copy of the book. There is glut of battle scenes, descriptions of campaigns, seiges and the deployment of soldiers.

Count Belisarius

He is best known for the historical novel I, Claudius and the critical study of myth and poetry The White Goddess. But as Belisarius grew in the esteem of the public, he became the frequent target of intrigue in Justinian’s court. Written by Robert Graves and published inone of my father’s favorite books, and nothing could be better that. This beautiful edition was produced by The Folio Society London.


Robert Belidarius Graves was a British poet, novelist, and critic.

Count Belisarius

The scholarship is deeply gelisarius, and detail of description is evocative. I enjoyed it and it reads easily. Belisarius may also have been one of the most famous cuckhold’s of the ancient world. Justinian did not deserve to have a man such as Belisarius loyal to him. Il che sarebbe stato un vero peccato, visto che le vicende raccontate sono molto ggraves, il vero problema sta nello stile di scrittura e nel ritmo della narrazione. Please try again later. I prefer the historical fiction of Mary Renault, and do not care for Stephen Prssfield at all; but Graves deserves to be read for his own style.

Paradoxically, there are few things that I hate more than moving them. Justinian is well drawn as the monster he was and there are entertaining accounts of early Christian heresies.

Belisarius fights off the Persians; beliaarius captures Carthage; next Sicily; and soon all of Italy south of the Po. Belisarius’ patience and stoicism is inspiring.

E Belisario affronta tutte queste prove in maniera pacifica, con la pazienza propria dei santi, visto che ronert altri si sarebbero tolti almeno la soddisfazione di dare un pugno sul grugno a un imperatore capriccioso, incompetente e infame, sempre pronto a perdonare i peggio traditori. Majestic in its description of the major events of the time, minute in the details of battles, rich in personal details.