The first edition of Core Data by Marcus Zarra was the book I turned to when I wanted to learn Core Data. Whilst it is still a great book it was. Threading in today’s Core Data is radically different from its original In this talk from #Pragma Conference , Marcus Zarra presents the. Core Data in Swift. by Marcus S. Zarra. Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf. Release Date: June ISBN: View table of contents. Start reading.

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Use them once, then throw them away. If you are relatively new to Core Data, this will suit you just fine for a long time. As mxrcus rule, any time we are leaving the application we want to call save on the persistence controller. There is not much to dislike. In iOS 5, Core Data made a change. As of August 1, I am no longer part of MartianCraft. Note that I made the -persistenceController read only. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This is our Single Source Of Truth.

Core Data is not the fastest persistence engine. Hopefully when Apple do finally fix it Marcus will update the book with the details. And if you want to just cut to the chase, grab the code from github. We can accomplish this either through a monthly, weekly, daily contract or through a workshop.


Skip to main content. It is far better than it once was corf it is still overly verbose and hard to follow. The example code is for an iOS application and mxrcus whole chapter is dedicated to covering NSFetchedResultsController reflecting the new focus of the book.

I want to know your opinion about Realm and Core Data. This talk was delivered live in October at Pragma Conference.

Core Data in Swift: Data Storage and Management for iOS and OS X

The growing army of iOS developers has had an impact: Shortly after my acceptance I had heard that there was some controversy surrounding the conference about a comment made by one of the organizers who had attended another conference. When you release, it decrements it by one. In the class continuation we allow the Application Delegate to write to the -persistenceController and we define the method that our callback is going to be using.

From this and some third party libraries who followed the same pattern we have seen an explosion of increasingly poor network handling in applications. Now that I am working independently again, I am being exposed to a large number of interesting code bases. When we use this design, we are no longer tied to having code decisions on when we can save.

The output looks like this in our playground:. Learn how to reduce your number of mapping models, marcuw your Core Data app with Spotlight and Quick Look, connect your application with sync services, and find out how to use Core Data in a multithreaded environment. Any data processing will be below the main MOC, so we will have three levels of contexts. It’s intricate, powerful, and necessary–and this book is your guide to harnessing its power.


Max rated it really liked it Jul 04, Lists with This Book. Until today we had no category for a post like this. Think of them as being snapshots in zara.

Trivia About Core Data. Piotr Tobolski rated it really liked it May 02, We use dzta one for the application. This is an error that can only happen during testing and therefore is safe with just a ZAssert.

When this happen, you just need to turn that little arrow next to the NSFetchedResultsController so you can find out which one of their table view cells is actually causing the performance problem.

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend | Taglines are for Windows programmers

For some reason there is a misconception going around that everything belongs in the view controller. It is a scratchpad.

He has been developing Cocoa applications since and has been developing software for most of his life.