Basically, COPA will be used to evaluate the “Profitability” of an organization . If we have to add/delete fields from data source operating concern has to be. SAP copa datasource tcodes (Transaction Codes). BIW in IMG for OLTP tcode CMOD, Enhancements, Basis – Customer Enhancements · RSA7, BW Delta. Cost based is done mainly in manufacturing and production Industry.. Account based is done in Service Industries COPA datasources have 3.

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EP – Enterprise Portal. August 13, at To check the TimeStamp.

Assign Info Source datasojrce. Delta mechanism and how it works: It is used to assign segment numbers to each combination of characteristic values. I would personally suggest keep the same old data source name as before.

SAP BW COPA Extraction in detail, Delta Mechanisms and few challenges faced during Implementation

enhancemejt We will email you when an expert has commented on your question. Join them; it only takes a minute: Posted by Rakesh Dama at 8: After saving we have to maintain the Data Structure, Coopa on the change button. Here, 2 types of operating concerns would be defined. This is set up between the segment table and the line items. Select the relevant object classes and continue OK.


This Table contains Actual transaction data in detail level. Find the line s corresponding to the problem datasource. It will open in edit mode, then change the value based on the requirement for example: Assign the required characteristics to data structure.

The Create Object Directory Entry dialog box is displayed requesting the user to enter a development class. Please enter correct information.

SAP copa datasource tcodes ( Transaction Codes )

Provide Short, Medium and long descriptions. Save the entries and assign the TR.

Transporting the Summarization Levels to the next level: Delta mechanism and how it works, and. Crate Operating concern in KEA0.

BIBO Blog: CO-PA Data Source

March 28, at 1: Again Go to the T-Code: IM – Investment Management. August 7, at 5: Check the data in the Info cube.

Please confirm with the link provided in the email.

FI – Financial Accounting. CO-PA data source cannot be enhanced. Transfer all Data Source elements to Info Source 4. MM – Materials Management. The advantage of this method is that data is always up-to-date and therefore provides an effective instrument for controlling sales. BC enhaancement Basis Components. This type of Profitability Analysis is primarily designed to let you analyze profit quickly for the purpose of sales management.


SAP copa datasource tcodes ( Transaction Codes )

This field is meant for internal COPA use only and so it is not available for extraction. All planned data, different estimates are stored in this table. And again Go to the T-Code: We have made every effort to make sure provide relevant search results, use the content on this site at your own risk. If you are adding the fields from the same “Operating concern” then goto KE24 and edit the dataaource and add your fields.

You can add additional characters. Steps in BW side: If you re-create using a different name then you will be needing extra build efforts to take the data into BW through IS all the way top to IC. I would personally suggest keep the same old data source name as before.

In contrast to costing-based Profitability Analysis, this type uses cost and revenue elements, which gives you a unified structure for all of accounting. Enter your new password here.