chemical energy. In the above concept, two technologies are worthwhile to mention: Energy optimizing furnace (EOF) and. CONARC (Converter + Arc furnace). CONARC© Furnaces References. Saldanha Steel (PTY) – South Africa. General data: CONARC© size, t. Capacity, 1,, t/year. Start-up, Electric Arc Furnaces. SMS Demag. FURNACE TECHNOLOGIES. SMS Demag – your partner for. FURNACE TECHNOLOGIES. 2. AC EAF. CONARC®.

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Charging of cold material also help to protect the furnace shell from overheating. It will also be one of the few steel conarx which are fully integrated and will produce the entire range of flat products. The other important systems include raw material and flux feeding systems and gas cleaning and energy recovery systems. The mill is capable of producing high strength steels including Dual Phase steel.

After completion of the carburization process, the furnacr lance is removed by slewing and electrodes are brought into the operating position. The objective for the development of this process was to utilize the benefits of both the conventional top blown converter steelmaking and electric arc furnace EAF. Your email address will not be published. Posted by Conard on Apr 17, in Technical 1 comment.

With the commissioning of this furnace, Essar Steel has commissioned all steel making units, iron making and rolling units that are part of 10 million tonne expansion project barring a Corex furncae which is slated for commissioning later this year.

The Conarc Furnace will be fed with inputs from Blast Furnace with a capacity of 1. In the first stage, the waste gas from the CONARC process is led through a boiler system consisting of a swivel type elbow, a post combustion chamber and a hot gas line and cooled to deg C.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The technology of this process is based on the increased use of hot metal in the electric arc furnace and is aimed at optimizing energy recovery and maximizing productivity in such an operation.

During this phase known as converter phase, the content of carbon, silicon, manganese, and phosphorus in the bath are durnace. Donate Grateful for your donation! These components are designed as pressure parts for steam generation.

It operates eight steel processing and distribution centres globally with an aggregate capacity of over 4 million tonnes.

CONARC Process for Steelmaking

Designed by Elegant Themes Powered by WordPress. With this the second phase known as arcing phase starts. This energy recovery system on the furhace hand provides for the required cooling of the gas and on the other hand uses a major portion of the thermal energy for the generation of steam which can be put to further use in the steel plant.

Essar Steel has installed continuous caster of 1. Options are also available to introduce burners and injectors systems in the shell for the injection of fuel, carbon and oxygen as per the process requirements. Home Essar Hypermart Login Contact us. In addition, Essar has also invested in various supporting infrastructure at Hazira that include power plants of MW and a all-weather port funace 30 MTPA at total investment of over Rs. The process was developed for using any kind and mix of raw materials like hot metal, direct reduced iron DRI and scrap to ensure highest quality requirements for the production of all grades and qualities of steels covering a wide range from carbon steels to stainless steels.

Essar Group | Steel | Media | Media releases | Essar Steel commissions second Conarc Furnace

The temperature of the bath is then increased to the required value. Essar Steel announces commissioning of its second unit of Conarc Furnace with a capacity of 2. Depending upon the requirements of the finished products, CONARC process is followed by a ladle furnace or a vacuum degassing unit. Conatc this the top oxygen lance is brought into position, and the blowing of oxygen is initiated.


In the second stage, the waste gas is cooled down to deg Furmace in a vertical pass boiler especially developed for this type of application. A two stage boiler system is used for the waste heat recovery.

During this arcing phase, the remaining solid charge material like scrap or DRI is charged into the bath so as to achieve the desired tapping weight of the heat. Option is available for introducing bottom stirring devices integrated to the bottom of each of the furnace shell. Essar Steel commissions second Conarc Furnace.


These reactions are exothermic since they generate large quantities of heat. It is the most versatile flat steel producer with integrated facilities from 5-m wide plates, hot rolling, cold rolling, galvanizing and color coating, pipes with a full distribution business consisting of steel processing, distribution centres and retail outlets under the brand – Essar Hypermart.

North American operations comprise a four million tonne steel plant in Canada, iron ore reserves of two billion tonnes and is currently setting up a six million tonne taconite plant in USA and Cpnarc Coal that owns six mining complexes in USA that hold an estimated million tonnes of coking and thermal coal. The second stage is the electric arc process during which the electric energy is used for melting of the solid charge and for superheating of the molten bath to tapping temperature.