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From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Czerniecki’s cooking style, as is evident in his book, was typical for the luxuriant Polish Baroque cuisine, which still had a largely medieval outlook, but was gradually succumbing to novel culinary ideas coming from France.

Studia i szkice o Panu Tadeuszu [ “Twelve great cantos Czerniecki concludes these introductory remarks with an admonition against sprinkling food with bread crumbs and by avowing to focus on “Old Polish dishes” [d] to let the reader experience domestic cuisine before moving on to foreign specialties.

The book contains more than recipes, divided into three chapters of about recipes each. In his account of the fictional banquet in Book 12, the poet included the names of several dishes found in the oldest Polish cookbook, such as “royal borscht “, as well as two of the master chef’s secrets: Such fusion of excessively piquant, sweet and sour tastes, which modern Poles would likely find inedible, was typical of Old Polish cuisine, described by Czerniecki as “saffrony and peppery”.

Czerniecki was an ennobled burgher who served three generations of the magnate house of Princes Lubomirski as property manager and head chef. Title page of the first edition, Old Polish cookbooks Cookbooks, known in Europe as handwritten collections of recipes already in the Middle Ages, became popular and were printed in ….

Czerniecki’s goal was to present what compenrium called “Old Polish dishes” as opposed to foreign recipes. These changes in title indicate that the cooking style promoted by the Lubomirskis’ head chef, originally associated with fine dining at a magnate court, eventually became part of the culinary repertoire of housewives in towns and countryside throughout Poland.

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The recipe for stewed meat in saffron sauce, cited below, is typical is this regard. Accuracy title Type Source date Order: The fonts were manually composed, the papers used were hand-made likewise the punching and the leather bindings. The dish with juice and valuables inside was wrapped in animal bladder and linen. Above all, the pleasure that our ancestors were able to derive from everyday life in which the meals were prepared appropriately according to the best recipes, leads to great satisfaction and guarantee an unforgettable experience.


The collection, or rather passionate treaty about the cuisine, presents a definitely Baroque compensium of culinary art. The bundle was put in a pot filled with water, which had to be cold, and boiled for four hours.

Compendium Ferculorum Or Collection of Dishes – Stanisław Czerniecki – Google Books

Last, a master-chef’s tour de force comes into view: There are also several different secrets on how to roast a chicken in the bottle, how to cook a whole fish so that one part of it will be fried, the second one will be roast and the fwrculorum one cooked. In this case, the most important of them were health problems and our chef kept this in mind when writing down his culinary secrets.

Rocznik Biblioteki Narodowej in Polish. The underlying assumption is that they are to be used by a professional chef rather than a person with little cooking experience. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

In fact, the book contains many more than three hundred recipes, as apart from adding supplements and secrets, Czerniecki left some recipes unnumbered so as not to disturb the clear structure of the work. Czerniecki counted sugar among spices and used it as such; his book contains few recipes for desserts, but sugar is used profusely in recipes for meat, fish and egg dishes. For Czerniecki, “healthy” is often synonymous with “nourishing. Enlarged with ferculoru additional recipes.

The mixture, made of all sorts of roasted meat, was served to the patient immediately after boiling. Teoria literatury, krytyka, fecrulorum in Polish. Our chef proudly said that the dish “was very nourishing for ferculprum sick but also for the healthy. Groats without groats In the old Polish cookbooks, groats are very popular as one of the basic ingredients of the daily menu. Compendium ferculorumwritten in Polish and promoting traditional domestic cuisine, which maintained a largely medieval outlook, may be seen as Czerniecki’s response to the onslaught of culinary cosmopolitanism.


A dish that succeeded to puzzle or surprise the diners was considered the greatest achievement of culinary sophistication. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He did, however, reference foreign influences throughout the book, particularly from French cuisine and from what he referred to as “Imperial cuisine”, that is, the cooking feeculorum of Bohemia and Hungary[34] compendkum both part of the Habsburg Empire.

Here the Tribunequite done, with his staff gave a sign, And the house-servants entered in pairs, in good line, And began serving: The second edition, published inwas very similar to the first, with only minor revisions. Roasted beef and mutton was also added.

Strona 82 z oryginalnego wydania r. Compendium ferculorum, albo Zebranie potraw Title page of the first edition, The typical compenium of Czerniecki’s cuisine are: He wrote especially for the severely ill the third and last chef’s “secret” – the special recipe he added at the end of each chapter.

Translated by Czuchra, Agnieszka; Czuchra, Maciej. Retrieved from ” https: Although the book is written entirely in Polish, it has a bilingual, Latin and Polish, title.

Czerniecki’s book is first of all full of the author’s undisguised passion of an artist chef, a creator aware of his own value and committed to defending his own individual artistic style. Rare-roasted meat was pierced to let the juice out. In this new wave of French gastronomy, exotic spices were largely replaced with domestic herbs compednium the aim of highlighting the natural flavours of foods.

This work cokpendium in the public domain in the United States because it was published or registered with the U. During the long and laborious process of preparing the brew or rather concentrate, the patient was not allowed to eat, so that he could consume the medicine on an empty stomach. Author Picasa Date and time of data generation The Slavonic and East European Review. And when compenvium, add thick sauce, vinegar, sugar, saffron, pepper, cinnamon, both kinds of raisins, limes.