The pathophysiology of anemia and the basis of its clinical investigation. Pruebas que evalúan el estado del hierro: Hierro del compartimiento funcional: Ferremia: Capacidad total de saturación de hierro (CTSH). Transcript of Clasificacion de anemias. Disminución de la capacidad transportadora de oxigeno de la sangre. Adaptaciones fisiológicas.

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One must be careful in blindly applying this practical definition of anemia in every case. In a patient with anemia, whose clinical and laboratory data are insufficient to find the cause, examination of the digestive system is a priority for two reasons.

It is rare, but it should be noted that gastric or intestinal lymphoma sometimes presents as mild anemia with nonspecific gastrointestinal symptoms. Eur J Clin Nutr. Classification of anemias Anemias can be classified by cytometric schemes i.

Relationship between methylmalonic acid, homocysteine, vitamin B12 intake and status and socio-economic indices, in a subset of participants in the British National Diet and Nutrition Survey of people aneimas 65 y and over. Redistribution of blood flow In anemia selective vasoconstriction of blood vessels subserving certain nonvital areas allows more blood to flow into critical areas.

The former is se rare. Measurements typically substituted for rbc mass determination take advantage of the body’s tendency to maintain normal total clasiificacion volume by dilution of the depleted rbc component with plasma.

It should always be borne in mind that MCV is an average value and therefore does not provide information about the homogeneity of the erythrocyte population. Most anemia is related to the digestive system by dietary deficiency, malabsorption, or chronic bleeding. In fact, in some cases of microcytic anemia, such as thalassemia, there is usually an elevated erythrocyte count anemoas polycythemia. Depending on the result, a bone marrow study clasificzcion be necessary to detect hematological diseases or metastasis.

  ASTM D4268 PDF

Blood cells and the CBC 2.

Clasificación morfológica de las anemias by Ernesto Griego Melo on Prezi

The “purpose” of this reaction is to keep the kidneys from squandering iron free hemoglobin is freely filtered by the glomerulus, but hemoglobin-haptoglobin complexes anemoas too big to muscle their way through, so that they are safe to bumble their way back to the reticuloendothelial system where they can be properly disassembled.

The severity of clinical symptoms bears less relationship to the severity of the anemia than to the length of time over which the condition develops. The next step should be to correct the cause of anemia when possible or correct anemia itself when the cause cannot be treated.

Although the anemas can hardly be thought of as a nonvital area, it receives claeificacion the coasificacion state much more blood flow than is needed to meet its metabolic requirements. Based on these pathogenic mechanisms, anemia can be divided into two types.

Celiac disease, gastrectomy, H pylori colonization. Mean corpuscular volume; Hb: The serum haptoglobin concentration then decreases. The reticulocyte count is useful to distinguish anemia in which there is an appropriate bone marrow response from that in which there is a decrease in the production of erythrocytes. Hereditary causes of malabsorption Immerslund syndrome or transport transcobalamin II deficiency are extremely infrequent.

Gastrointestinal investigations for anaemia in the elderly: Both parameters can be supplied routinely by most of the automatic hematological cell counters.


The gastroenterologist must rule out chronic inflammatory bowel disease, tumors of the digestive tract and liver disease. Preventing or correcting hypoxia is then the ultimate goal of all medical specialties. Publicar un comentario Este es un blog dirigido a profesionales sanitarios.

Classification of anemia for gastroenterologists

RPI in a healthy person is 1. In rapidly developing anemia as from hemorrhage and certain catastrophic hemolytic anemiasadditional symptoms and signs are noted: Acute hemolysis presents a distinctive clinical picture, but chronic hemolysis may go unnoticed.

The hemogram, the concentration of iron, ferritin and transferrin in blood and investigation of fecal occult blood are sufficient to obtain a diagnosis in most cases. It should be noted that, although there are many adjustments that can be made, one that cannot is decrease in the tissue requirement for oxygen.

Anemias macrocíticas

Anemia may exist as a laboratory finding in a subjectively healthy individual, because the body can, within limits, compensate for the decreased red cell mass. Decreased hemoglobin oxygen affinity Increased oxygen extraction of anemic blood by the tissues produces increased concentration of deoxyhemoglobin in the rbc, which stimulates the production of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate 2,3-DPG.

Excess urinary loss, congestive heart failure, active liver disease. As you have probably come to expect, the distinction of these categories is not always absolute.

In adult life, the esophagus, stomach, bowel and liver are involved in the pathogenesis of different types of anemia caused by nutritional deficiency, bleeding or chronic inflammation. Iron deficiency and gastrointestinal malignancy: