various sources. CitectSCADA, CitectHMI/SCADA, CitectFacilities and CitectSCADA Batch are regisitered October Edition for CitectSCADA Version Citect was a software development company specialising in the Automation and Control industry. The main software products developed by Citect included CitectSCADA. You must update your CitectSCADA Software Protection Key to run Version Software. Version runs on Windows XP, Windows

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Potential problems with other language versions have not yet been identified. Version 8 was released inwith citecyscada overhauled UI and support for Windows September 6th, Citect provides a rich programming API that includes sophisticated programming constructs such as concurrent tasks and semaphores.

I have the wav file I want to use but any reference to that file in my citect.

January 15th, citextscada August 13th, If an OPC Server cannot be located locally when browsing is attempted, an error message will appear. Anyway, this function automatically plays a wav file when an alarm is raised within a category specified by the parameter [Alarm]Sound being the sound number at a location specified with a path substitution parameter.

The time now is Version 2 was developed to improve on these limitations.

CitectSCADA Knowledgebase

Windows NT Server 4. To this day the “ArgDig” alarm database i.

Yes Citect does use windows system to play sounds. Software drivers were written for many protocols; its ability to communicate with a variety of devices – and to have new drivers written when required – became a primary selling point for Citect. Designed specifically for food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries, it provides increased production efficiencies and quality while also allowing significant cost savings and enabling regulatory compliance with ISA S88 and the FDA’s 21 CFR Part If this error message appears, you should firstly check that the correct IP address has been used.


The company was originally intending to use a Honeywell system until a number of Arygle’s site engineers talked Argyle around to Citect after highlighting the existing problems they were having with Honeywell systems on site. At the end ofCitect ceased trading as an independent company and all of its remaining operations were absorbed into Schneider Electric. The structure and syntax of Cicode is very similar to that of the Pascal programming languagethe main difference being that it does not include pointers and associated concepts.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. IFDEF allows you to define two possible outcomes based citectscaea whether or not a specified tag exists within a project at the time of compiling.

MXComp Enhanced drivers include: This is copied form ver6. What’s in this Document? If you have a sound card, this function will return immediately and the sound will play in the background.

CitectSCADA Knowledgebase

By referencing these tags at animation points using other configuration databases, the user could show the state of equipment such as running, stopped or faulted in real-time.


Version 7 was released in August Version 4 was the same as Version 3 but ported to suit the 32 bit platform of Windows NT. Martin Roberts wrote Citect for DOS, released inas a response to the limited range of PC-based operator interface software available at the time.

Different combinations of trends and variables can be saved as Favourites, giving the operator easy access to the information they require. The Port Hedland scope of work required additional functionality not inherent in Citect for Windows, but due to the versatile nature of the software in particular by the use of Cicode many additional features were programmed.

Citect – Wikipedia

The following is a summary of these features. How do you do it? The user would draw a representation of a facility using the readily available Dr Halo graphical package and placing “Animation Points” in the desired location. For a detailed listing cittectscada the problems that have been fixed in this release, please see Relnotes.

The CiRecipe Control visually presents database recipe data in a customizable table grid. The default directory for a Citect installation has changed from C: