The respected Trappist monk Thomas Merton spent several years reading and The Way of Chuang Tzu, by Thomas Merton, is the product of five years of. Chuang Tzu—considered, along with Lao Tzu, one of the great figures of early The respected Trappist monk Thomas Merton spent several years reading and. A light bulb went off as well when I realized that Chuang Tzu was also one of Thomas Merton’s favorite writers. Merton wrote his own versions.

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Engages in a self-conscious and deliberate campaign to ‘do his duty’ in the belief that this is right and therefore productive of happiness. His style is complex—mythical, poetic, narrative, humorous, indirect, and polysemic.

Non-striving and chuaang are often interpreted as the need to retreat through self-denial. Merton sees that “this is, in fact, nothing but organized despair: Merton connected to this abstraction personally.

The Way of Chuang Tzu – Thomas Merton – Google Books

Confucian practice comes in for much criticism in this book, but I think this is because Daoism is concerned about t If you like to read about spirituality and are tolerant of its many forms and traditions, then this book may be just the thing for you.

Yet he not only challenges the ulterior motives of the hedonist and utilitarian but also of the hero thmas virtue and duty. This is both the force or energy that pervades all of life and the principles of change and balance that govern all life forms and their interaction with each other and nature.

More approachable than Thlmas Tzu, thought some stories can be as enigmatic as truisms. In so doing they are alienated from themselves, and exh I read the Tao Teh Ching a few years ago and become obsessed, reading various translations.

Thomas Merton emphasizes that “it would be a great mistake to confuse the Taoism of Chuang Tzu with the popular, degenerate amalgam of superstition, alchemy, magic, and health-culture which Taoism later became”.


The Way of Chuang Tzu by Zhuangzi

In so doing, he becomes involved in a division from which there is no escape: Great is small for him, long is short for him, and all his distances are near. There are many places in ancient Chinese where, e.

Tz I have the patience for it? They are often very judgy. Although I feel that much of the gap was that these were written for a different time and a different culture. It is a life reduced to essentials and a life where the material life most of us cannot avoid living plays little part.

Confucianism was the dominant Chinese philosophy of Chuang Tzu’s time; and while Chuang Tzu often ridiculed Confucianism as too restrictive, it chuahg be too simplistic to state that Taoism stood in direct contrast to Confucianism. Achievement is merron beginning of failure, fame is the beginning of disgrace. Well think about it and read about how a Trappist monk lives.

How does the bread taste to one withdrawn from society, from politics, from family, indifferent to life, to death, to law, to friends, to duty, to good and evil? I read two other translations several years ago, and I’d been curious about this one for some time.

I would never have expected to receive such help from an ancient yhomas Chinese sage!

I recently saw a piece about how the largest enrolled class at Harvard is now on Chinese philosophy. Love of colors bewitches the ear And it loses its true hearing.

The Way of Chuang Tzu (Shambhala Library)

The eye is jealous of the mind. Chuanv find the tnomas minds come together is a treat. Find me the man who knows no words, for he is the one I’d like to talk to. When the Shoe Fits. Chuang Tzu’s epigrams emphasize balance in the conduct of life. Absolute, Eternal stasis where time stops has no place in Taoism. Chuang Tzu—considered, along with Lao Tzu, one of the great figures of early Taoist thought—used parables and anecdotes, allegory and paradox, to illustrate that real happiness and freedom are found only in understanding the Tao or Way of nature, and dwelling in its unity.


Contents A Study of Chuang Tzu. Apr 29, Yaholo rated it it was amazing Shelves: In soundlessness he alone perceives music.

Li is something more than exterior and ritual correctness: I have been trying to put some of these thoughts into practice about non-action, but I’m still a little wary as a Christian. The dawn must look different to one living on a small lake from which he gets his dinner, idling about alone, without work, without a spouse, without a child and without a mortgage.

But the tao that is spoken of in this book was not very tao-ish at times.

What is good and pleasant today may, tomorrow, become evil and odious. Mar 01, Tom rated it it was amazing. What Hemingway is with efficiency for sorrow, Chuang Tzu – as interpreted by Thomas Merton – is the master of efficiency for spiritual awe.

From this, the conditioned, the individual things.

May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me,” it is not difficult to think that Thomas Merton, perhaps more than any Catholic during the last century, truly recognized the common spiritual unity the oneness of each other’s souls as grounded in the Triune-One we all share as brothers and sisters in this world.

My opinion is that you never find happiness until you stop looking for it.