masowe pojawienie się chorób i szkodników,. ➢ wzrost 10 minut w wodzie o temperaturze 50 o C – przeciwko chorobom . Drzewa i krzewy owocowe. Charakterystyka rozwoju, nasilenia wystepowania i szkodliwos ci szkodnikow i niektorych chorob drzew i krzewow owocowych w Polsce w roku []. Szczepienie drzew i krzewów owocowych i ozdobnych by Jean-Yves Prat, Ponadto pozwala zwiększyć odporność roślin na choroby lub szkodniki.

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Email this article Login required. Crous PW, Braun U. Published by the author; Application of the consolidated species concept to Cercospora spp. Names published in Cercospora and Passalora. CMI descriptions of pathogenic fungi and bacteria No. Article Tools Indexing metadata. Further investigations on the relationship between soil fungi and the macroflora. Studia nad grzybami fitopatogenicznymi z Pienin.

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Jean Yves Prat

Abstract The paper presents characteristics of cercosporoid fungal species from three genera, CercosporaPassaloraand Pseudocercosporaoccurring in Poland and deposited in Polish herbaria or to be expected due to the occurrence of their host plants in the Polish flora.

CBS Biodiversity Series; vol. Wydawnictwo Uczelniane Akademii Rolniczej w Szczecinie; Grzyby podkarpackie okolicy Dukli. Mycosphaerella and its anamorphs: Fourteen species described in this book belong to Cercospora apii s.

Przyczynek do mykologii Galicyi. Species concepts in Cercospora: Additamenta ad cognitionem fungorum Poloniae.

Bawełnica korówka – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Supplementum Universale, Pars IX. Naming and outline of Dothideomycetes — including proposals for the protection or suppression of generic names. The present study represents a compilation of cercosporoid species, of which 63 are reported from Poland and chiroby 6 were doubtful and excluded. S Afr J Bot. A new species of Cercospora on Citrus sinensis Osbeck.


Pilzkrankheiten des Weinstockes in Schlesien.

The diversity l cercosporoid hyphomycetes — new species, combinations, names and nomenclatural clarifications. Trudy Botanicheskogo Instituta im. Additions and corrections to names published in Cercospora and Passalora.

Abcochronyroslin – Strona główna

Acta Soc Bot Pol. Studia Societatis Scientiarum Torunensis, Sect. The physiographic literature, but primarily own collections, as well as those gathered in the national herbaria, were the object of the revision. Gustav Fischer Verlag; Schmarotzerpilze und Pflanzenkrankheiten aus Polen und Masuren.

Bawełnica korówka

Microscopic phytopathogenic fungi rare and new for Poland. Saccardo PA, Trotter A. Summary of recent decisions by the Nomenclature Committee for Fungi. Materialy k mikologicheskoj flore Terskogo okruga.