OTHER PRODUCTS. Car Radios · Multimedia Interfaces · TOM TOM PND. AM-FM/DAB ROD 16V 20 CM P/N · AM-FM/DAB ROD 16V 41 CM. Automotive Aftermarket is the business unit of the Calearo Group that.

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CALEARO ANTENNE SPA | Slovak Matchmaking Fair

The car is connected, automakers are developing smart and self driving vehicles. Calearo is recognized as a partner for the OE original equipment products by the auto industry.

The economic boom boosts the automotive market. The protection of the environment and the commitment to support the communities where we belong.

In the same year, Calearo inaugurates the first production plant outside Europe, in Tunisia. At the Research Center the development of new technologies is continuous. Fostering of culture inside and outside the company. Calearo acquires Diesis, a company building digital transmission devices.

This choice will determine the success qntenne the company that will soon directly supply the car industry. The antennas and cables made in Motta di Costabissara are mounted on the new car models directly on the assembly line.


The aspiration to always take one more step still further to ensure the best possible service.


Access to multimedia contents, on road safety and vehicle to infrastructure communications are among the themes analyzed by the Ce.

Continuous enhancement of our core sntenne.

Now more than ever before the antenna acquires significance, becoming the real connection hub between the car and the world. Development of connectivity technologies for all applications.

The calesro, honesty and fairness in all interpersonal and work relations.

Calearo Antenne was born together with the family formed by Alessio and Lucia Calearo. Since Calearo Group has created advanced technologies for communication. The 5 “C” of Calearo Excellence in communications through antehne products.

Calearo Antenne to be partner of 1000 Miglia – Vicenza Stage

At the beginning, they produce and sell bicycle ring bells. The acquisition conveys new skills and knowledge to the company.

As the technology rapidly evolves, so do the needs of the customers. The car industry is developing increasingly connected cars. To ensure the best possible service to its customers, Calearo inaugurates a new calearl plant in Samorin, Slovakia. A special attention to the needs of the market and strong production flexibility allow Calearo to continuously innovate its products and propose to the industry novelties such as the first automatic motorized antennas.


Mobile communications is a must, and car telephones appear on new cars. Special attention to the need of the communities where we belong and local authorities. Excellence in communications antebne our products. Calearo diversifies its production proposing its first car radio antennas. Calearo founds its new research center, ccalearo Ce. Fostering of culture inside and outside our company. Those values, shared by all of our collaborators, are the respect for the stakeholder and their necessities.