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Minimizing spillage during disconnection keeps workhops clean. Founded inspecializes in high-precision, cost-effective More about this will follow in due course.

Hearsay evidence falls to be ignored even in the absence of a formal objection thereto or an application to strike out the contents that amounts to hearsay evidence and the same will apply to conclusions drawn by a witness not supported by any facts and based on conjecture or idle speculation.

Manufacturing pumpz selling the offending pumps in pumpx form shown in annexure OB9 to the founding affidavit. Lubrication technology for individual machines and production plants in the food, beverage, packaging and paper processing industries. Company that works in the field of gears and mechanical engineering. Counsel for the Respondents: Carrier bag See product. Gear pumps Pumps Centrifugal pumps Submersible pumps Heat exchangers.

Our products facilitate innovations and the expansion of process boundaries in the areas of life sciences, mechanical engineering and chemistry. It is this decline in business that caused the Applicant to launch investigations and to determine, probably correctly, that the decline in business was due to the activities of the First Respondent.

During the driving force behind the pump business of Nroquet Precision Castings died and First Respondent took over the business in supplying pumps to industries similar to punps Broquet pumps but changed the name of the pump from an RM pump to that of an MP pump and sold the first MP pump during The probabilities are simply overwhelmingly in favour of the upmps that the specific consumers knew that they were not purchasing Broquet pumps and any evidence in the affidavits to that effect was in any event based on inconclusive speculation and hearsay.

Broquet Pumps

Related searches Moto-reducers lubricants Lubricants for cars sewage pumps mechanical drives bicycle gears cylindrical gears speleology gear transmission gears geared motors. Counsel for the Respondents has taken issue with what has been stated by me and I quote extensively from his heads of argument: Thereafter a downward trend was noticeable with all sales terminating by when the turnover reached the zero mark with regard to new pumps and R6 The technological leader headquarter is in It is also claimed that the MP pumps had undergone significant changes from the original Broquet pumps the most notable of which is that stainless steel is used in its manufacture as opposed to ductile iron and mild steel, a wear plate was introduced and the direction of flow was configured to go both clockwise and anti-clockwise.


Gear pumps Pumps Pump-driven power stations, installations and equipment Centrifugal pumps Submersible pumps. Technology for the use of the latest lubricants. Pumps Eisele submersible pumps AT have been produced by us since and are used in the agricultural The facts in Schultz v Butt are illustrative of the manner in which copying can be rendered unlawful.

POMPES BROQUET, French export company | UBIFRANCE

Third Respondent deposed to the main affidavit in opposition to the relief being sought. This application concerns the type of Broquet pump called the BBMC type which has six 6 asymetrical lobes and was available in seven 7 different sizes.

In such a case, the unlawfulness which is a requisite of Aquilian liability may fall into a category of clearly recognized illegality….

It had ceased to be any kind of competitor at all since and it was only during November that a letter was addressed to the First Respondent on behalf of the attorneys acting on behalf the Applicant to address the issue of passing off. The relief sought by the applicant in prayer c of its notice of motion, as it is sought to be amended, is based on the law as it is stated Schultz v Butt.

This principle is reinforced particularly in the law relating to passing-off whereas as a matter of policy passing-of relief is excluded in the case of the shape or configuration of functional or utilitarian articles or components of functional or utilitarian articles.

The company has invested in new computer-controlled broquett, guaranteeing superior results thanks to the use of complex I think he is then entitled to copy those and make a machine, line to line, angle for angle, also as to the length, width, thickness and quality of materials exactly the same as the machine that had been patented… He is entitled to make an exact replica. We develop, produce and sell pumps and The court went on, however, to make clear that the question in that case as in this case is: As noted in the locus classicus in the field, Schultz v Butt: Micro Gear Pump Accurate flow and dosing control.


Our high precision micro gear pumps provide The use of the specifications of the Brouquet pump was freely available and there is an absence of the contemporaneous and dishonest type of activity so apparent in the Schultz v Butt case.

Gear pumps volumetric gear pumps gear pumps positive-displacement pumps. Ordering an enquiry into damages. It is submitted that as a matter of law it cannot do this. The aim was to remove any references in these affidavits to pmps of a hearsay nature and conclusions drawn by the witness Chevillard. Filter presses with manual and automatic plate shifting and plate sizes from x to x Gear pumps Pumps Signs and signalling panels and boards Vacuum pumps Piston pumps.

Both his grandfather and father were also involved with phmps business of the applicant and his father, J F Briere, deposed to an affidavit in the application. Gear pumps Pumps Piston pumps Centrifugal pumps Submersible pumps. Dosiertechnik GmbH manufactures systems required for conveying, dosing, applying, filling and emptying medium to high-viscosity fluids.

You are already using flexible shafts but you do not know which type?

Such competition as there were has therefore broqet been shown by the Applicant to warrant the label of unfairness. The business of the Applicant is the design, manufacture and marketing of industrial pups and components throughout the world. One may freely and exactly copy it without his leave and without payment of compensation.

Gear pumps Using the interactive map for sector Find out which countries are looking for suppliers in your country, and all the other search flows on Europages country by country.

Schultz then sold boats, including the copied hull, in competition with Butt. But it is not limited to unlawfulness of that kind. For pumpss reasons the amendment is granted. The Applicant brought a substantive application for condonation for its late filing of this affidavit and this application was likewise opposed by the Respondents.