Hany Mohamed Ibrahim El Assal News · Misr Italia Group · Hassan Kamel Marwan Emad El Prince Borhan El Deen · Oakwoode Group of Trading · Mohamed. Editing Hasan Borhan | Translation Nouha Salti | Translation Editing Vera of Khan al-Assal near the city of Maarrat al-Nu’man, Southern Idlib. Arabic term: المقمع. English translation: repression. الآداب.

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Republican Guard Brigade Qassioun. Rene Mouawad Air Base.

Bashar asaal Al Samar. Again, only people who know this jargon are supposed to render the terms, as one cannot give a right translation based on mere speculation.

Module:Syrian, Iraqi, and Lebanese insurgencies detailed map/doc

Umm adh Dhiban Mediban. As an alternative, and since the original is Arabic, why do not we use transliteration? Abdelaziz Bouteflika Ahmed Ouyahia Bahrain: Orta Xrap Urta Kharab. Born in Homs inGhalioun is a Sunni Muslim.

Ghalioun visited Syria on 19 June, crossing into the north of the country from Turkey and traveling incognito. Artillery Army Base Zahraa. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: Rasm Al Khamis Ash Sharqi.

Besides, these terms need someone who knows the jargon very well, something that is unavailable until now, let alone being discouraging for some colleagues to express it outright. Any input should have to do only with this purpose. TCTerms is here for the purpose of finding answers to questions. Ghalioun, from his home in Paris, began to visit Syria more frequently for the next 12 months, and became more active in Syrian politics.


Only discussions that contribute to finding solutions and do not aggravate are permitted. Part of the Arab Spring and Arab Winter. Iraqi Army National Guard Depot. He also began working to bring together opposition groups.

Khan Abu Shamat cement factories. Dear Mohammad and Muhammad, Well, I think that is not the case with translating this specific book, I mean the translator can’t just use general expression referring to what the author mentioned in details. Tell Gbar Army Base. Baiji Thermal Power Station. Air Defense Battalion Base. Jabal ash Shaykh Mansur. Ras al Ayn al Ahmar.

When I read the Arabic Context it sounded that the author might be talking about some “fetishism” as it is a sexual behavior.

Al-Asad Weapons Storage Area.

Because when they host a lecture, maybe three people show up who are not Ba’thist, and they are there because of personal interests. Tall Afar Air Base.

All non-linguistic content will be removed. Here is some context: Related topics Elections Local elections Parliamentary election Presidential election Rojava local elections Parliamentary election Northern Syria local elections Northern Syria regional elections.

Burhan Ghalioun – Wikipedia

Syrian, Iraqi, and Lebanese insurgencies detailed map. It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original module page. You are definitely right but if the translator failed in finding an equivalent, he could perhaps resort to a translation that tries to give a near-to-the-origin rendering.


Al Mishraq Sulphur Plant. Egypt Libya domestic responses state’s response Syria.

TCTerms – المقمع (Arabic)

Well, I think that is not the case with translating this specific book, I mean the translator can’t just use general expression referring to what the author mentioned in details. Hezbollah position in Arsal Heights. Northern Fertilizers State Company.

He was named for an additional three-month term in Februarya decision which caused several member organizations to le from the council in protest. Former Iranian Refugees Camp. This scared them, it made them feel there was a strong, deep wave that may become stronger, more developed, possibly to the point of no return. Hammam Al-Alil cement plant. Rahbat al-Jandoul Army Base. If we address natives, we are not giving them some useful information by translating these terms.

Al Hikmah Army School.

In the late s, he made a name as an opponent of President Hafez Assad by publishing a pamphlet titled “A Manifesto for Democracy”.