BOMA (ANSI/BOMA Z) is also still used in some marketplaces; primarily in ultra-competitive, downtown core markets where landlords are. Landlords and owners must select one method and use it to measure the entire building – you cannot mix and match. ANSI/BOMA. Z 1st Ave. S Seattle, WA Measurements taken from record BOMA documentation and revised to comply with the release of the BOMA office.

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Drawing file containing the layout of a floor or a suite. This is the successor to BOMA The following is a presentation that we use to give an overview of BOMA standards for measuring office buildings:. We are all here to help. To do so allows the landlord full control over what is included or not included in the measurements.

Method B creates a single load factor or gross up for the entire building by means of two innovations. Landlords, or their representatives should be able to provide these numbers. Usable space, common areas and vertical penetrations are delineated according to specific rules. Thank you to the Committee for putting on such a fun, exciting, successful event. What makes it a bit odd as a standard is that it includes two completely different ways to allocate common areas in the building.

April 4 RPA Class: August 29, John Lister. This article will help you understand the methodology behind different square footage calculations and the concepts to help you make better-informed leasing decisions. We use a colour coding system that helps you relate the areas on the drawings to the cells in the spreadsheet.


z65. Common areas are allocated on a floor by floor basis. The benefit of Method B is that it allows landlords to apply a single load factor ratio to all of the space in the building.

BOMA Standards

Have you shared your data with the EER survey? Even when the BOMA standard is used, it is wise to have a tenant-representative broker or a licensed architect review bomz calculations and associated floor plans to ensure that BOMA standards have been properly applied to the characteristics of the building.

It sounds complicated, but it is quite rational and logical. Vertical penetrations such as elevator shafts and stairwells are subtracted from the area of each floor.

There is a Method A and a Method B. Is it your year? Proposed layout of office space within a suite, used to determine suitability for potential tenants.

BOMA Standards – BOMA Canada

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This was our first time with this event and it was a great success due to the efforts of our Associates Committee.

We need agreed-upon definitions of where measurements should be taken to and how common or shared space should be allocated.

To understand the slight variations between the two methods and determine which might be most advantageous in a given situation, tenants should consult a tenant-representative broker or a licensed architect.


This concept can also be used to allocate areas shared by multiple buildings previously known as Campus Area or Complex Common Area. The usable area in each suite is grossed up to arrive at the floor rentable area.

BOMA Building Measurement Standards

There bpma two options available, Method A and Method B. Send us an email! This is a standard used for facility management and should not be used for lease negotiations. It provides a definitive procedure for measuring and classifying floor area in buildings for use in facility management, specifying occupant requirements, space planning, and for strategic facility planning.

Typically used for space planning, it z65. not contain tenant names or tenant area references. Associates Committee Chairman Steven Delmonico and his committee put together a great evening of suspects, clues, and fun. April 26 Roof Walk Seminar.

Landlords require tenants to pay for their proportionate share of common areas and therefore the monthly rent is calculated on RSF. Exceptions include new buildings that have received a Certificate of Occupancy within 12 months of the due date, and also multi-family buildings with less than 17 combined utility accounts including tenant and owner accounts.

We had over attendees! Building Owners Management Association, organization which defines standards for measuring space.