The Boipatong Massacre (pictured throughout) was an incident involving a mass attack by armed men who lived in the Inkatha Freedom. ‘Violence spiral’ led to Boipatong massacre. VANDERBIJLPARK — The growing spiral of violence in the Vaal Triangle that led to the Boipatong massacre in. The Boipatong massacre revisited. SAIRR Website Comment 30 November . The credibility of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

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One woman sobbed as she told journalists 20 years ago of her terror when her brother was killed near her: Employees call cops on black hotel guest talking on his cellphone. Boipatong along with other surrounding townships was a pool of cheap labour for the steel industry, ISCOR. About residents of the KwaMadala hostel, which houses workers of the nearby Iscor steelworks at Vanderbijlpark, are believed to have taken part in the attack.

Windows were smashed and there was the sound of gunfire and screams. Return to the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory site.

The Boipatong massacre: 20 years on

Employees call cops on black hotel guest talking on his boipaong. He said the continual attacks by Obipatong supporters on anyone with any Zulu or IFP connections led to the decision to plan a counter attack on the nearby Boipatong township. White policemen used soot to blacken their faces and covered their faces with balaclavas.

This page was last edited on 7 Augustat Peens’ statement was later considered by the TRC in their investigations. Greg Marinovich, AP Comments.


Khanyile said he stabbed one person and threw stones at windows, but did not enter any houses. In that sequence of events, our once solid family became the neighbourhood laughing stock. The massacre was widely portrayed as proving the ANC’s claim that the then government was using the police and army to wage a covert war against it. The numbers were not as high as it had hoped, but the talks were already in deadlock, with the ANC compelled to put its energy back into mass action.

Perhaps most resonant of all were the words of Cyril Ramaphosa, at that time negotiating at Codesa. Top Camps Bay businessmen hired security firm.

ISCOR was built mainly as part of job creation and poverty eradication for the white working class. At the time Barnard appeared before the TRC, 17 hostel residents, including 16 already convicted for their role in the massacre, had also applied for amnesty, but denials that the security forces had played any role in the attack were overwhelming.

He was no longer providing for the family and was always broke. Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references Articles with short description Coordinates hoipatong Wikidata All stub articles.

Forgotten But it is painful to see Boipatong still looking as it did back in Is fokol, is niks When he was sober, he was disturbingly quiet. BoipatongSouth Africa.

The Boipatong massacre revisited – The O’Malley Archives

Asked whether he was absolutely certain the police were present, he said: De Klerk visited Boipatong days after, and he was met by an angry mob of protesters. On testing, there is a suggestion of organicity and MRI brain scan shows mild generalised cerebral atrophy and there may well be some subtle organic brain dysfunction present. The African National Congress ANC National Working Committee released a statement that they could not negotiate in condition where majority of the poor were killed in a state sponsored violence.


Return to the Nelson Mandela Boipatkng of Memory site.

Remembering the horror of the Boipatong massacre

Angry letters had passed boopatong De Klerk and Nelson Mandela, with Mandela demanding an international commission of inquiry. Peens had previously denied having been at Boipatong in a Casspir at all.

Outside, there were police roadblocks and police guards. City of CT to act against security company, ReclaimClifton protesters.

‘Violence spiral’ led to Boipatong massacre – The O’Malley Archives

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Ghosts of a massacre Monako Dibetle 15 Jun He said the project was initiated in and that it would include a community youth centre. Ronnie Mamoepa, then the ANC spokesman in the Pretoria-Witwatersrand-Vereeniging PWV area, insisted that the police had known the massacre was going to happen, and said residents jassacre armed men climbing out of Casspirs when they first attacked the informal Slovo settlement before moving into Boipatong.