The aim of this study is to compare two pulpotomy medicaments in primary molars Pulpotomy Dental Caries, Drug: Biodentine Drug: ProRoot. Extensive Decay in Primary Molars, Drug: Biodentine pulpotomy Drug: White MTA Pulpotomy using Tempophore as pulpotomy medicine in a control group. Biodentine pulpotomy was performed followed as pulpotomy medicament in primary molar teeth, on follow-up it was found to be successful.

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A comprehensive literature review — part II: Online since 10 th June, On clinical examination, there was presence of a large deep carious lesion involving the right mandibular first permanent molar. Response of human dental pulp capped with biodentine and mineral trioxide aggregate. Materials, management principles, and techniques.

The following case reports describe the technique of Biodentine pulpotomy in mature permanent teeth following several days of traumatic pulpal exposure. The other teeth without pulpal involvement were restored with composite resin Esthet X- Dentsply Caulk, Milford, DE to restore the lost tooth structure [ Figure 4 ]. This is an open-access article distributed blodentine the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.

They concluded that biodentine has bioactive properties, encourages hard tissue regeneration, and provoke no signs of moderate or severe pulp inflammation response [ 22 ]. Also, this study successfully demonstrated pulpoomy bonding characteristics of this popular calcium silicate based material which is unique in contemporary dental applications [ 44 ]. Dent Clin North Am.


Biodentine pulpotomy several days after pulp exposure: Four case reports

It contains high-purity, monomer-free mineral ingredients [ 5 ]. Journal List J Conserv Dent v. In comparison to MTA, Biodentine provides better sealing ability with a reduced setting time [ 5 ].

Clinical procedure for pulpotomy The procedure of pulpotomy was explained to the patient and an buodentine consent was taken. Pulpotony, biodentine promises to be one of the most versatile materials of this century in the field of dentistry.

Case reports with two-year follow-up. We can safely conclude that 18 months post-operative evaluation is sufficient to demonstrate any possible failures in the present cases. Case 2 A year-old male patient reported to our department with the complaint of a fractured upper front tooth.

Biodentine Pulpotomy in Mature Permanent Molar: A Case Report

The aim of this review was to compare the clinical and radiographic success of Biodentine compared to MTA. A 2mm layer of freshly mixed Biodentine was packed in the pulp chamber with the help of plastic instruments and a permanent restoration was given. The bleeding from the radicular pulp could be controlled by pressure from cotton pellets dipped in sterile normal saline for 5 minutes showing that the radicular pulp was vital and non-infected.

Studies with regards to management of mature permanent teeth with carious exposure and treatment with vital pulp therapies such as adult permanent tooth pulpotomy are scarce.

InShayegan et al investigated the inflammatory cell response and hard tissue formation after biodentine pulpotomy in primary pig teeth. Uptake of calcium and silicon released from calcium silicate-based endodontic materials into root canal dentine.

The main goal in this type of treatment is to prevent the extrusion of the obturation material [ 47 ].

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Cveks pulpotomy can be considered a viable treatment option in such cases. The role of endodontics after dental traumatic injuries.

Biodentine Pulpotomy in Mature Permanent Molar: A Case Report

CEM cement and Biodentine display combined properties of biocompatibility of MTA with more efficient characteristics, such as a significantly shorter setting time, good handling characteristics, and no tooth staining.

After 90 days, they found that the pulp tissue was normal without any signs of inflammation and 9 out of 10 teeth showed uplpotomy calcification under the pulpotomy site. Preserving the exposed pulp.

Biodentine does not require a two step obturation as in the case of MTA [ 6 ]. As clearly demonstrated by Cox et al.

The important applications of biodentine in pediatric dentistry include dentin substitute, pulp capping, pulpotomy, apexification, and repair material of perforation and resorption as well as root end filling material.

However, the setting time for CEM is nearly 50 minutes as compared to Biodentine, which has a setting time of 12 minutes.

It stimulates the pulp cells to build a high quality and quantity of reactionary dentin.

Pulpal pain diagnosis-a review. Further randomized clinical trials of good quality, greater sample size, biodenhine longer follow-up time are necessary in order to confirm the results presented.

Dent Clin North Am ;