Overly long start to fantasy series is heavy on violence. Read Common Sense Media’s A World Without Heroes: Beyonders, Book 1 review, age rating, and. A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull – Jason tumbles into a quest to save a magical in this #1 New York Times bestselling start to Brandon Mull’s Beyonders. A World Without Heroes is the first book of the Beyonders series, written by Brandon Mull. “Jason Walker has often wished his life could be a bit less predictable-.

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It’s got some pluses and some minuses.

Enchantress rated it liked it Shelves: After undergoing torture for some time, Byonders escapes with the help of Ferrin, who takes him to a secret portal in the form of a pond back to the Beyond. Had that really just happened? Now, my son, age 11, says he quite enjoyed it and would give it 3. Mull is an inventive fellow, the major pull of this story was hearing about Jason’s reactions to the many misfortunes and difficult situations he faces in this novel.

And, thanks to a mysterious book covered in human skin he discovers at the first place that takes him in — a secluded library — Jason is forced on a quest before he can think about going home again.

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A World Without Heroes: Beyonders, Book 1

I would caution about the age discrepancies though, and put it in the YA section of my library rather than JR. I liked Harry Potter. Does the book’s fantasy context make this easier to handle, or is it too much for a book targeting tweens? Fantasy Books for Kids. The plots heroe forgettable, unintelligent and always comes with an uncomfortable threesome.


Not thinking hard enough. Mull faced that challenge here.

Rachel then arrives behind them informing Jason that they were being chased by a boarhound and possibly other enemies. I finished it in a day. You see a mix of folks. Finding help from a strange lore master, Jason discovered the first syllable to a dangerous word that was supposedly the only thing that could destroy the evil wizard who rules most of Lyrian.

Hardcoverpages. He took shuffling steps. He tells them how and where to find the third and fifth syllables of the word.

In his search for a way home, Jason meets Rachel, who was also mysteriously drawn beypnders Lyrian from our world. His friends on the team expected him to overcome his control issues and carry them to glory. They did not grow up in Lyrian. Others had made harsh demands. FableHaven by same author. On the other hand I like devious villains who go for more than the obvious kill….

A World Without Heroes

Jason has undertaken a quest that sets him in opposition to a great evil, and there are casualties. Great book, though the characters do act older then they are described to be.

Not only was it a captivating story, it had many moral and physical dilemmas that took intuition, wit, and great wisdom to overcome. And because Rick Riordan gave a review on this book, I cannot refrain myself from comparing this to his Percy Jackson books. They overcome it usually with very little difficultythey retrieve their item, lather, rinse, repeat.


A World Without Heroes | Book by Brandon Mull | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Still, the last half, or really the last 3rd of the book is full of adventure, and as soon as Jason’s adventuring partner, Rachel, shows up, things pick up a worlc. Hank was the only hippo in the zoo, an adult male with his fortieth birthday coming up in the summer. Further resistance will bring no reward. Jason turned his head to find a pair of girls coming toward them. Large hands gripped his arms. All living things resist magic, and to use magic you need energy.

His captors had hounded him expertly.

Beyonders – Brandon Mull

Tim stood in the cage, knees slightly bent, chipping a lot of foul balls as he struggled to regain his timing. Something in one hand glinted in the bright moonlight.

He only had one word to share, and it would be in the presence of Maldor. Dogs devour one character, a giant crab snips another dog in two describedand another character is stabbed to death with a poison-tipped knife. The uproar from the crowd reached a jubilant crescendo as the raft sailed over the falls directly below the packed bleachers, vanishing with a cymbal crash and a final squeaky note from a woodwind instrument.