“The Uprising” is an Autonomist manifesto for today’s precarious times, and a rallying cry in the face of the catastrophic and irreversible crisis that neoliberalism . Franco “Bifo” Berardi’s newly translated book The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance is light on two things: poetry and finance. What Berardi gives the reader . We posted the audio not too long ago from a Franco “Bifo” Berardi talk at Pratt Institute on his book The Uprising: Poetry and Finance.

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Mar 05, Szerdahelyi Laszlo rated it really liked it Shelves: Using the example of the European countries afflicted by the debt crisis Portugal, Greece, Ireland he shows the absurdity of a people toiling away to pay of an invisible debt that they themselves have not accrued.

Nevertheless, in the age of industrialization analyzed by Marx, the production of useful goods was still a necessary step in the process of valorization itself. The uprising uprisinv frequently give way to phenomena of psychopathic violence. Poetry is the reopening of the indefinite, the ironic act of exceeding the established meaning of words.

So there was nothing symbolist about the development of modern finance. Jun 17, Brad rated it really liked it. Such a shift is however so extreme that he cannot see it happening without the release of a spasm of violence to expel the financial virus impregnated within society.

What has poetry to do with finance, and finance with poetry?

Jul 21, Mohammed Yusuf rated it it was amazing. I think there are some good insights in this book, but I doubt Berardi’s thinly sketched argument will resonate with anyone who does not already agree with him.

Reading Notes for Bifo’s The Uprising

There is another uprsiing undertone to The Uprisingone that has spread like a secret since the burst of the dot-com bubble at the turn of the decade. July 12th, by Brett Zehner. I read it in about 3 hours, as a sort of post-Christmas ritual of disconnection. Despite some Ludditic and misguided fears of the “infosphere” disclosure: Ultimate is the Spirit of Generosity December 31, If the protests now stirring about the world are to take shape and direction, then the revolution will be neither peaceful nor violent–it will be linguistic, or will not be at all.


The Uprising revels in the commonplace that uprsing instruments are fictionalas in not real. Apr 24, Kari Barclay rated it liked it. The ironist, on the other hand, ha Here’s the thing: In parable form, it goes something like this:. Berardi explores the state of the current financial capital system and the new methods of exploitation and abstraction that capital has adapted to and that have lead to a upriding new wave of effects on the population at large.

Uprsing July 24, Not sure how I feel about reading more Bifo right away Frustrating overall. Return to Book Page. The final essay, the one on poetry, looks like the beginnings of an intriguing pathway to action, or at least the basis of a way to better understand how to develop that way out of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

On Theory and Finance: Review of Berardi’s “The Uprising”

This is perhaps not such a new concept. Now in the era of the digital image, we have lost indexicality. Recommended for anyone who feels overwhelmed, or perhaps underwhelmed too.

I liked the sense of vanguard this book brings. Jan 08, Senia rated it it was amazing.

The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance by Franco Bifo Berardi

Grammar, logic, and ethics are based on the institution of a limit. Digital financial capitalism has created rhe close reality which cannot be overcome with the techniques of politics, of conscious organized voluntary action, and of government. In global finance, every signifier is forced to mean something. Still, I found this a satisfying read, full of trenchant analysis and some helpful and entertaining constructions To put this in another way, The Uprising argues that symbolist experiments with language in the early twentieth century have found their deepest expression in our current predicament.


The essence of this idea is to extract ghe fundamentals of how poetry functions and to apply in the construction of meaningful interactions with other people. Meanders playfully a little, and doesn’t in fact give clear examples of some of its ideas but very fun bedardi. The convention left approach, identified by Marx, is the abstraction-in-capitalism of value from usefulness and productive labour from concrete human activity quite of lot of Capital explains this.

Creeping Cedar July tbe, No trivia or quizzes yet. Net rated it really liked it. For the moment I remain a little disappointed, because what I hoped would be Berardi’s starting point his ideas about irony and cynicism as described in an article he wrote for Animal Shelter earlier this year turned out, instead, to be the ending point of the book.

This limiting condition or situation has to be situated against the Possibility of the Promise — the ideological crux of Left or Right is a field where actualization upfising occur.