The BK Bus Coupler connects Ethernet with the modular, extendable TwinCAT I/O makes available configuration tools and Windows NT//XP drivers. Find great deals for Beckhoff BK Ethernet Coupler With 11 Modules. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Configuring the Beckhoff BK Network Parameters. Section Title. Page. 1. Overview of Steps. 1. 2. Parts List. 1. 3. Required Software. 1. 4. Install Required .

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Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong that causing the writes to fail? For more information, please visit our dedicated payments page. The analog and multi-functional Bus Hk9000 can be adapted to each specific application using the KS configuration set.

BECKHOFF BK9000 KL3064 KL9010 KL2124 KL9505

Therefore, new adjustments are not necessary in the event of replacement of a Bus Terminal. The controller carries out the desired setting automatically after switching on.

The Bus Terminals store settings permanently and in a fail-safe manner. I’ve been trying to use the following code: Enquire now Just send us your name, company, telephone number and email to receive a price as soon as possible Name.

Also, have you tried enabling the debug mode to see if it provides any useful feedback? I’m getting a “None” back from the write, which indicates it’s failing according to the module’s documentation.

We understand that credit is a necessary part of business and offer credit agreements on request, subject to status. Thank you for your request Looking for another part?


BECKHOFF New Automation Technology

I’d try to rule out any possible hardware configuration issues first though. A member of our team will respond as soon beckhfof possible. Just send us your name, company, telephone number and email to receive a price as soon as possible.

As far as I can tell, the hardware is working fine – I can fully control it via TwinCat3, either through a soft PLC or manually right-clicking and setting the outputs to 1 or 0. Depending on the type, the analog Bus Terminals’ registers contain temperature ranges, gain values and linearisation characteristics.

Jacek Szumigaj 2 8. There are six outputs manually set high, visible here: We’ll keep trying to send your enquiry if you stay on the page. Connection is through normal RJ 45 connectors. True if write ok or None if fail Beckhofv get the status Nonei. Enter the part number below and becihoff it to add it to your enquiry. It’s unclear to me if you can set the coil state with twincat or not.

If required, the controller can upload the decentrally created configuration data in order to centrally manage and store this data. Optionally, the Bus Terminals can also be controlled by the control system.

I’m sure this is something simple with bit-wise operations or something like that which I’m overlooking. I also have two units BK at home and BK at work and both exhibit the same behavior. Bianca Born 1 week ago I’ve had nothing but positive‚Ķ I’ve had nothing but positive experience working with EU Automation.

I know that the unit works and is at the IP specified, as I’m able to see it in TwinCat3 and manually manipulate the outputs. One unit consists of one Bus Coupler, any number from 1 to 64 terminals and one end terminal. Products came with appropriate documents and in new condition.


The Bus Couplers recognise the terminals to which they are connected, and perform the assignment of the inputs and outputs to the words of the process image automatically. Input for power contacts.

Email Required, but never shown. It appears that when I increment the ‘coil’ it’s just reading one bit further into the stream, as “coil” 1, 2, and 3 are rotating left. They’ve always been helpful and efficient when I have placed orders with them. Name Company Telephone Email. There are six outputs manually set high, visible here:. Stack Overflow works bk0900 with JavaScript enabled. Thanks for your message. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Post as a guest Name.

You get the status Nonei. I’ll definitely check-out debug mode and Wireshark if nothing else pops-up. Warning – total beginner with Modbus and industrial control in general However, I still cannot seem to change the values.

TwinCat is also showing no change. Sign up using Facebook. The first parameter of the method is which bit to start reading at and the second parameter is the number of bits to read.