ASTM E 1381-95 PDF


ASTM Automation/Robotics LIS which are based on ASTM E / . In the ASTM-Serial interface, ASTM E and E “ASTM /”, operation should be performed in ASTM E mode. *2: IEEE e) Date/time test completed. This document describes the electronic transmission of digital information .. In , ASTM Committee E31 decided to restructure its operations, with the intent .

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Error recovery allows a client to continue after a transmission failure. Well it could be possible the cable you had made is not correctly made. He can choose to retry the failed message, continue with the next message or to discard all messages remaining in an idle state.

VB Thursday, December 8, Saturday, December 3, 8: ASTM defines two Standards for communication between laboratory instruments and computer systems: Aatm messages and acknowledge of successful transmissions are notified by callbacks to the client implementations of the driver-defined callback classes. Sign in to vote. There is a slight difference in the asm behavior; the driver takes care of it. No items in cart. If you save it qstm download then virus check it definitely.

Monkeyboy Thursday, December 15, 6: Your code assumes that the device transmits text – that may not be the case. Remember me for one month. This is a RS question, and it can get complex. You power off and unplug theplug that into 181-95 DB9 port, plug the cable that is plugged into the host into the other end of this.

Successfully opening the port does not mean that communication exists – only that the port exists. According to the information posted the E sends ENQ which is invisible control character.

Serial Communication Interface to Laboratory Instruments

RS serial communication is a black art. If you have access to the user manual you could indicate where you got it from, and if it’s accessible then someone may be able to look at it for you. Just 13819-5 the drawing explains.


By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Are you sure you want to empty the cart? All detected high and low level protocol aztm are written to the log file in plain text.

ASTM Connector Information – [PDF Document]

And you really ashm to verify the accuracy of the information you have for the regarding pinouts and such before you go wiring things together using inacurrate information. This link may be correct for the Host Interface Manual http: It is unlikely that most of it will work in the same manner, and even when you get it communicating you still have to decode the data it is transmitting.

Not for VB6 questions. Of course that is if the ‘s DB9 port is in fact operational. Thursday, December 15, 8: The driver divides it in pieces of the maximal frame size that is allowed by the standard and transfers each frame to the host.

So how can you receive anything if your PC’s com port isn’t configured correctly and who knows if you realize how to use all the apps from the web you used, which port to assign them to, etc, etc. The two most likely settings are 8, 1, N or 7, 2, N.

ASTM Connector Information

The high-level protocol, E, relates to the packet content and format of the data that is transmitted. But who knows what the ‘s DB9 port is configured to. Enter your account email address to request a password reset: However the training guide says ” ASTM standards – The low-level protocol, E, describes how the data is transmitted between the and host. D so as for now i moved to the next step which is the codding aztm.

Net app is running with the com port open some bytes may be received which your app could at least detect even if you have no idea about the messaging scheme to use to do anything else. This asynchronous callback mechanism prevents processor-time consuming polling.


Messages can be created, edited, transmitted, received, saved to file and loaded from file. The client provides an implementation class derived from an abstract callback class of the driver. Register for a trial account. And the wire from 7 to 8 in the bottom pic on the left DB9 connector does NOT also connect to pin 3 which it crosses over in the image which in the image really doesn’t matter if the DB9 is male or female. Monday, December 5, 9: E 97 High-Level Protocol: Or perhaps the Interface Training Guide is wrong which is doubtful but possible.

Did you ever find and read a Host Interface Manual for the ? You also need to make certain the serial cable is correct as the document displays such that certain pins only are used and jumpered appropriately wherever those ends of the serial cable go prior to doing anything or else the communications may not work.

The client can send any number of messages without waiting for a result. An actual serial interface protocol analyzer would display everything about the ‘s DB9 port from what it is set to to what data is sent by it. I am currently only interested in the output part ” reading results from the lab instrument”.

The driver sends all the necessary control codes, guards all timeouts and sends retries if necessary. Or it’s possible the port is malfunctioning and without checking it then that can not be proven either way. The right to access the electronic files of ASTM Standards is for purposes of viewing for individual use only.

Monday, December 5, Monday, June 11, 8: