Laying a good foundation is essential for the full growth of a Christian as well as for the building up of the body of Christ. The apostle Paul exhorted young. Burdened with the need of a firm foundation for the Christian life, brother Watchman Nee gave a series of basic lessons on practical Christian living during the. Joining the Church; Laying on of Hands; Assembling Together; Various Meetings ; The Lord’s Day; Hymn Singing; Praise; Breaking of Bread.

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During his 30 years of ministry, beginning inNee traveled throughout China planting churches among the rural communities and holding Christian conferences and trainings in Shanghai.

Account Options Sign in. Assembling Together Watchman Nee Limited preview – That appears to be quite a bit of information to wade through, especially for someone who is such a novice to toogether “Local Church,” “Living Stream Ministries,” etc.

Assembling Together

We must know that God has a dwelling place, a habitation on earth. Are you finding the same barriers where you are?

Following your quote, “in helping to rebuild the fallen ruins of the spiritual city of Zion, which I understand new be the Body of Christ, the Universal Church, which expresses itself visibly around the world in different locations in individual congregations,” I have rogether ask about the BWA and SBC decision. That’s why I added in the phrase “Baptists influenced by Landmarkism.

David, I think you are confused about what Landmarkism really is. Ken Cagle rated it really liked it May 10, tofether Refresh and try again. Watchman Nee was a Chinese Christian teacher whose numerous works have been widely translated into many languages. As individuals, though, we are not so. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Pamela L Hendershot rated it really liked it Oct 07, Aron added it Mar 16, David, Thank you for the kind words about my blog.

He is a stone, but until he is related to other stones, he is useless. Lists with This Book.


James rated it really liked it Jan 05, He had such a love for the Word of Toegther that he studied it almost incessantly, so within a very short period he had read the whole Bible several times. Trey, You ask some excellent questions for which it would be hard to give a good answer in one blog comment. James Bryant rated assemmbling liked it Nov 17, Want to Read saving….

Assembling Together – Watchman Nee – Google Books

Would you happen to have any recommendation for a “primer” to be brought up to speed on the issues involved? That the marks or features of this divine pattern are so particularly described by the inspired writers that no intelligent inquirer need mistake it.

I personally prefer the ecclesiological model described by John Reisinger assemblinyhereherehere and herein which it is recognized that, although the New Testament has much to teach us about the functions of the church, many of the actual forms a local church takes will vary, on a pragmatic basis, according to the cultural and historical context.

If a house is to be constructed, stones must be built on stones and stones must be joined to stones. I am an unashamed Landmark Southern Baptist pastor, but none of the things you mentioned are tenets of Landmarkism.

Since the early s, Stephen Kaung has translated more than forty of Watchman Nee’s simple, yet profound books for western audiences.

Can Baptists, consistently with their principles or the Scriptures, recognize those societies not organized according to tovether pattern of the Jerusalem Church, but possessing different governments, different officers, a different class of members, different ordinances, doctrines and practices, as churches of Christ?

If there are not stones built on other stones, it is not a good sign, for it expresses the idea of ruin. In the Communists took over China. Akanbi Ayodeji marked it as to-read Sep 10, Through Miss Barber, Nee was introduced to many of the Christian writings which were to have a profound influence on him and his teachings. At the same time, I find his hermeneutics, at times, to be a bit rigid, tending to discount differences of cultural and historical context in awtchman application of biblical teachings drawn from specific situations reported in the New Testament.


Anonymous, Thanks for the link. While I am overcoming that through relating and time, it is the beginning point. Assembling Together Watchman Nee No preview available – At the same time, what concerns me most about this model is the tendency to separate from and look down on despite claims to the contrary denominational and “traditional” churches and believers.

May we learn these lessons faithfully. I do believe the New Testament is togrther clear about the essential unity of the Body of Christ, and thus, view with suspicion any movement or ecclesiological model that tends to alienate or exclude authentic New Testament churches made up of genuine born-again believers.

Pentecostals and many Charismatics tend to do the same things with reference to supernatural manifestations recorded in Acts. Daniel Negede marked it as to-read May 19, G’day David, One of Nee’s books that was eye opening to me was datchman Latent Power of The Soul” which may well introduce some areas that PhD students may wish to research.

Landmarkism not about democratic church government. Can one believer alone be a house? I believe this quote captures the essence of what Love Each Stone is all about.

This is found in Ephesians 2. In each generation and cultural context, I believe, as believers we must search for the best forms to fulfill those functions in a way that works best in that particular context. What is more important are the functions. Sandra Zaid rated it really liked it Jul 04, Thank God, you are saved, you have trusted in the Lord Jesus, you are now a stone.