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Marifatullah the depth knowledge of God is the foundation of positive action.

I could not understand it as a child. Nursi takes aggression or unpleasant matters as a warning or indication of the degree to which his actions are in conformity with law of creation. Accessed August 8, One should not ignore the following reality. Some were imprisoned while others were executed or persecuted.

The superiority of the man in inheritance is balanced with the superiority of the woman in dowry and alimony.

It seems it is impossible for Muslims to act according to the Quran and Hadith. As the years passed, the grim reality appeared.

Once, Nursi was stopped by police at the border of Ankara and not permitted to visit his students. However, we do not accept it or want it.

He informed the Makkan polytheists that their intention was to circumambulate the Kaaba, slaughter the animals and return back. However, it would be soon understood that this agreement approved by our Prophet was a spiritual conquest.


Hz.Muhammed (S.A.V) ve İslamiyet (İslam Tarihi) 4Cilt – Asım Köksal

Am I to be returned to the idol-worshippers when I have come to you as a Muslim? His criticism is based on philosophical and ethical principles. If we do not realize it, our world will be destroyed all around us with its entire burden.


As mentioned earlier, a family is like a state. It would prove how our Prophet was farsighted. Even though he did not take part, Nursi was seen as a threat for the new regime and exiled first to Burdur and then to Isparta.

Leading influential scholars were imprisoned, exiled or chose to leave the country. For instance, a mother fish lays its eggs, and then goes on its way. The Art of Co-existence.

They are revivalists, but not revolutionists. The value of the woman There are a few narrations some people use against Islam regarding our subject. Delving into the psychological aspects of positive action is outside the scope of this article. All religious or spiritual non-governmental organisations waqf were closed and their activities banned.

When Nursi was accused of rejecting the current regime, Nursi denied this. A peaceful family life is by the virtue of its members. We hope that a day will come when there will be Turkish Protestants and Buddhists, but he will still remain a Turk. State University of New York Press, Discover More After Free Registration!

Islamic Identity and the Struggle for Justice. Muslims, however, felt sad because of not being able to visit Baytullah the House of Allah. Oneworld, Instead, he recommended a peaceful struggle, which he called manevi cihad spiritual jihad. The third principle is to act in conformity with the law of creation it is called the law of nature in the West and not contradict primordial human nature.


When you look at the course of events and articles of the Treaty of Hudaibiya, it is possible to say that it was disadvantageous for Muslims. Accessed November 26, If patience is not shown against oppression and injustice, and the response is a negative action such as violence, then it can lead to breaching the rights of innocent people. This enables the family to live together in justice and mercy.

Sign Up For Free. Our Prophet had also missed this blessed city where he was born and with that longing he had a dream that contained glad tidings. The doors of the victory of Khaybar, Makka, and Hunayn were opened with this new spirit and fresh power.

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Al-Qurtubi interprets the command to mean speak gently, implying Moses should asom use any word implying hatred or animosity. The Inadvertent Overspill of Internalisation. Nursi viewed securing safety and stability in a country as the duty and obligation of all Muslims.

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