Angela Mathers lives in a gritty and merciless world. Raised in an atmosphere of extreme physical and emotional abuse, she has taken the. Archon (Books of Raziel, book 1) by Sabrina Benulis – book cover, description, publication history. Archon: The Books of Raziel, Vol. 1. Sabrina Benulis. Harper Voyager, $ ( p) ISBN

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She reveals it slowly in a deliberately planned manner. Archon’s protagonist is a Blood head, which has nothing to do with vampires, although that is what came to mind everytime I saw that word, arvhon instead refers to a red-head The two things going for Archon are the gorgeous cover and the dark atmospheric feel to the boom especially with respect to the academy setting of the story.

Affascinata dalla trama non ho potuto fare a meno di immergermi nella lettura di questo romanzo. The children were supposedly killed, but not. These are contemporary love stories with a bite—as Lynsay Sands, New York Times bestselling author of The Renegade Hunter and the popular Argeneau vampire series, joins exciting up-and-comers Pamela Palmer and Jamie Rush to explore the passions of sexy shape-shifters, genetically enhanced humans, and of course bokk undead.

Anyway, for me, this book hit the nail right on the head! Although each character is strong, they are all basically flawed; which makes them far more relatable.

Archon: The Books of Raziel, Vol. 1

Write a new comment. So bottom line is that before starting reading Archon I should have og the back cover blurb to memory – I don’t read them before reading a book – I would have been far less confused because it turns out that the blurb actually shines a light on arcuon setup to the story better than the early chapters of the book did. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

There are too many different characters with too many agendas.

This author does not throw information in your face and I like that! She felt a kinship to both of them, one day aching for perfect beauty, and the next, for a grayness that wiped away her soul. Non posso continuare a riassumere: Some are determined to destroy Raziel, while others, like the beautiful Supernal Israfel, one of the highest of the high, wish to free him.


Most of the characters aren’t human, it is clearly stressed in the book that Angels, Demons, Jinn, and Fey don’t think mutch of humans and have little sympathy towards them.

Archon (Books of Raziel, book 1) by Sabrina Benulis

Even at the end of the book, this fundamental question is still there. Angela may boook be a perfect character, but that is part of her appeal. Angela Mathers has not had the easiest childhood; she has extreme reactions to vivid dreams and razifl see angels. They are searching for the boook that opens the book of Raziel revealing which of them srchon the Archon.

It is these details that help balance out the endless barrage of plots and subterfuge by the characters, helping the reader gage the mounting tension that is rising toward the climax of the story. Oct 01, Melindeeloo rated it did not like it. The world itself is intoxicating. Both the cover and the description definitely enticed me, but unfortunately this book failed to deliver on that promise.

If you don’t plan on reading at least the first two books don’t even pick this up. The true motivations behind the characters’ actions were often hidden in the midst of the chaotic events and manipulation of others seemed to be the main goal.

So not sure if he is both. In one final attempt Angela sets her home ablaze resulting in the death of her abusive parents and leaving her scarred. HarperCollins provided me with a copy of Archon. Setting — Tbe are quite a few references to Luz being on Earth.

Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to overcome the fact arhcon the first third of the book is very confusing and that I really couldn’t connect with any of the characters. Feb 06, Victoria rated it did not like it Shelves: However, I did pick the book up again and approached it with a different mindset and once there finally is an explanation of what the heck is going on and some of the villains come out of the shadows as well, I bpok the middle of the book to be fairly interesting, and there is a gothic texture to the writing that is interesting as well.


Because the story revolves…around angels Is it related to the Alien or is it something else altogether? Archon is new arcuon urban fantasy, a tale of the supernatural that brilliantly blends passion, obsession, horror, and suspense in a way that will appeal to dark fantasy fans and paranormal romance readers equally.

The multiple points of view within this story were confusing at first. She is sure she will find answers at the Vatican’s exclusive university in Luz. Not in the style just the characters themselves. I can’t explain why, just that it’s so.

Open Preview See a Problem? And yet clearly she is quite damaged, having been terribly abused as a child because of her blood head status.

Archon – The Books of Raziel – Read book online

Quite frankly if my fifteen year old hadn’t convinced me that it wasn’t fair to write a review if I didn’t finish the book, I would just given up and at that point. I simply didn’t care what really happened to any of them. Think “The Mortal Instruments” in flavor but rqziel no way a copy-cat or wannabe.

Didn’t start to impress me til near the end. Goodreads helps you archpn track of books you want to read. Are there 2 versions of this book out there and I have the version intended to bewilder and confuse?