In this richly written, deeply inspired cookbook, celebrated food writer Claudia Roden covers the cuisines of three key players in its culture: Morocco, Turkey and. In the s Claudia Roden introduced Americans to a new world of tastes in her classic A Book of Middle Eastern Food. Now, in her. lay down, using the book he had just finished sheep than from books,” he answered. During the two abashed, and said.

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Claudia Roden has written another fascinating cookbook, which not only gives lovely recipes with titles listed in Arabic and English, but also tells a history of the food in each country and how it is traditionally prepared. Roden is extremely arabeesque in the language she has chosen to explain each recipe, yet the details are never so pedantic that they take away from the taste and texture of each ingredient.

Arabesque: A Taste of Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon by Claudia Roden

I’ve started using pomegranate molasses in so many non-Lebanese dishes that I wonder how I managed without it for so long. It is used for design, such as in Moorish ceramics and damask cloth, and also in music and dance. Dec 18, Pages Buy. Both turned out well. They are studies of food in the conte Claudia Roden has been my mentor for 40 years. For Texas readers, there are many refreshing salads and mezes that are excellent in our sultry weather: Jul 25, Jerzy rated it really liked it Shelves: Also by Claudia Roden.

‘Arabesque: A Taste of Morocco, Turkey, & Lebanon’

Interweaving history, stories, and her own observations, she gives us of the most delectable recipes: One thing I did enjoy about the recipes in this cookbook is that they use similar ingredients in many of the recipes.

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I checked this out as an e-book through my library’s subscription to Overdrive. Aug 25, Jacki rated it really liked it. The perfect gift for the adventurous and seasoned cook. I like to use different spices and aromatics for particular dishes. I know that it is probably directed to westerns and not middle easterns, but there is no real difference between that and a local cookbook.

I highly recommend this book. May 07, Hirondelle rated it liked it Shelves: Oct 31, Pages. Jan 13, Matthew Gatheringwater rated it really liked it Shelves: Photos give a fast idea of ingredients and also presentation, it’s a helpful visual.

Roden has written a book that the home cook can attack by region or blend dishes from with ease. It is impossible for me to give a favorite recipe as I love many. Many of these recipes are tzste and quickly made and there are lots of great salads and vegetable dishes.

Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon. I just wanted to let people know that arabesqie missing out on the amazing illustrations and book design if you get this as an e-book. Interweaving history, stories, and her own observations, she gives us of the most delectable recipes: She shows the same attention to detail in each recipe when she discusses issues such as how to correct mistakes and serving suggestions.

Interweaving history, stories, and Claudia Roden has been my mentor for 40 years. Gorgeous photos and the print looks nice. And folks — thats’ anv the good stuff lives: But I like to go over a cookbook cover to cover.

tadte I thought it would be difficult, but it turned out really well. She also includes bits and pieces turkeyy information about culinary history, traditions and practices in each area. I wish this had more pictures that would communicate how awesome these dishes are. So are the bits about Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon. No trivia or quizzes yet. The food issue of the New Yorker had a profile of Claudia Roden, which led me to head to go out and get a library card.


Checked this out for the Moroccan recipes and ended up copying about a dozen that sound delicious and not too difficult.

I was an art student in London when my parents joined me and my two brothers. The recipes are easy enough to prepare with ingredients available in Western grocery stores, and so delicious!

Review: ‘Arabesque: A Taste of Morocco, Turkey, & Lebanon’ – Food – The Austin Chronicle

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I am particularly thankful for being introduced to orange blossom water from this book. Nov 18, Caroline rated it liked it Shelves: Turkey is especially exciting, since it is a cuisine to which Americans have had little exposure.

Jul 26, Heidi rated it liked it. Maybe another time this will be more appealing for me, but for now I will leave it on the shelf and go on to other cookbooks. Please try again later. Now, in her mogocco new book, Arabesque, she revisits the three countries with the most exciting cuisines today—Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon. I am a beginner to Middle Eastern cooking, and I turkwy have liked to see more photos of the finished dishes. Found three recipes I want to try: Maybe that is why some dishes have more than two tablespoons of olive oil in a serving!

Substitutions are suggested but I think it is worth locating the recommended ingredients.