Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Anthony F Bogaert and others published Understanding Asexuality. Toward a Conceptual Understanding of Asexuality. Anthony F. Bogaert. Brock University. Asexuality has been the subject of recent academic (A. F. Bogaert. Asexuality can be defined as an enduring lack of sexual attraction. Thus who has provided important contributions to understanding asexuality.

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The book also takes care to note that asexual people are diverse, just like any other group of people. Jul 01, Drew Hoffman rated it it was amazing. I found the information in this book revelatory and interesting overall, but the writing style was not especially helpful; he repeated himself so many times within paragraphs, rephrasing what he had just said, and with end-of-chapter summaries, and with myriad references to what he said in past chapters or was In this book, Bogaert takes a fair and considerate look at every point on the sexuality spectrum, and explains how studying asexuality can help scientists understand more about sexuality.

Oct 24, Baylee rated it liked it Shelves: Researchers interested in studying asexuality. There is a significant bibliography, which could be helpful to those looking to read more, on sexuality and asexuality.

Understanding Asexuality –

It shouldn’t be called Understanding Asexuality, but only Understanding Sexuality. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Sounds interesting though the price is scarily high for page hardcover. Bogaert sets out to carefully define and describe asexuality using a four-part approach to help categorize the processes of sexuality: These seem to occur most frequently in disciplines that exist in the very murky area between understanfing science and biological science.

Just a moment while we aeexuality you in to your Goodreads account. He goes into the history as well as current societal representation and culture. Definitely a worthwhile read in my humble opinion. Distinct from celibacy, which refers to sexual abstinence by choice where sexual attraction and desire may still be present, asexuality is experienced by those having a lack or sexual attraction or a lack of sexual desire. So, what about interviewing a sample of both genders – but the results will also be coloured by reporting bias and embarrassment about discussing a relatively taboo subject.


This was not quite what I was expecting. Additionally, Bogaert exhibits his skills as an academic and a researcher, as most of what he says is carefully backed up by data that he or others have collected. The book then slightly loses its way in the last third. And no, there are not exactly few of them. Indeed, they help us sexual beings better understand why we do what we do, says sexologist Anthony Bogaert, professor of community health sciences and psychology at Brock University.

It makes me more than ever want to be more open about being asexual and write some sort of memoir thing about my life because books liek these are just not enough.

Understanding Asexuality

The Madness of Sex. Some of the language put me off, in relation to gender identities specifically, but I’m also cis, so take that with a grain of salt.

There’s some of that here, but it’s drowning in much less anthny or relevant info. A Monster in All Our Lives A fascinating distillation of the research on asexuality. However, the author did add a layer with his research on asexuality duh!

It’s certainly worthwhile to have some of this in the text, because it does get the reader thinking outside the box [maybe a wrong conclusion can inspire a right conclusion? For instance, at one point he mentions the prevalence of “boston marriages” in women but the lack of such a phenomenon between men and he muses about the reasons why, but his reasoning seems to ignore so many possible factors.


There is reported behaviour – which is influenced by social norms of what is what is appropriate.

I have to remember this person doesn’t think much of his own kind when writing that males are basically simpletons with a fear of female sexuality because it’s “complicated”. I think this book would be better if Bogaert talked more about asexual peoples’ experiences rather than sexuality as a whole. Asexuality can bogeart defined as an enduring lack of sexual attraction.

This timely resource will be one of the first books written on the topic for general readers, and the first to look at the historical, biological, and social aspects of asexuality.

I found this a little jarring at first, but soon got used to it. This is certainly not a ‘definitive’ work – it is only pages and often takes simple glances at incredibly complex issues. Bogaert Limited preview – Both because, in order to understand asexuality, we need to understand sexual people to compare against, but also because of the ways that understanding asexuality brings us to a deeper understanding of sexuality when our models for sexuality fail to apply to new data from asexuals.

I don’t rate academic books, I don’t feel qualified to do it, but this one deserves a review. This book is a If you’re looking for a book about the experience of an asexual person, this is not the book for you. Mar 22, Charlotte marked it as to-read.

Sex has been here for millions of years, and still is. Thus, asexual individuals do not find and perhaps never have others sexually appealing.