Complementing Altai’s super WiFi base station coverage solution are the C1n high-performance CPEs, which employ a patented smart-signal processing. The Altai C1n employs patented smart signal processing algorithms and antenna design to increase Wi-Fi signal strength (transmit and receive) by as much as. Default Password, Login and IP for your Altai C1n Super WiFi CPE/AP router. User Manuals and How to Factory Reset your Altai C1n Super WiFi CPE/AP router.

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Can you tell me both the password and username I had the same problem. Placing your bid meaning you agreed with the terms set by the seller. Satellite Internet – What is it? Adding an access point to a wired network already in place, or to one where the main NAT router is provided by the ISP is usually the easiest solution. Auth with d1 network: Please select option below X.

Internet Group Management Protocol. Click Save to batch the changes 10 Your old router can act as an access point, as described above.

DiffServ Tagging is effective after enabling QoS. My new Netgear router is set up as my new gateway on the first floor of my house. Your router may be indicating it is not online since there is nothing connected to the WAN port, not sure.


However, introducing a second NAT router on the network is not a good idea, especially without some tweaking to set it up correctly.

Altai Certification Training Configuration – ppt video online download

It was because the DNS server fields were blank and it wouldn’t except blanks as correct. If dispute arise, please CC a copy of your email conversation to dispute lelong.

Lets say you have computers to link, and then you have devices that go with it. I think the instructions here are the best I have seen so far. That way, you have to know the address of the device to find it. This site is best viewed while logged in. Type in Key Click Save to batch the changes Once connected you should be able to manua the pocket wifi Interface and from there you should be able to set a new password.

You basically need two expensive routers since they both need to support it. Try not to use WEP encryption – it can be cracked easily as illustrated here. Once logged into the admin interface of the wireless router, you need to do two things.


Altai Certification Training Configuration

However, I would also change the metric to a type c if possible Allow to access Internet Management: After that I was able to change the internal IP address to within the same subnet but outside the range. What is default username and password for c1 altai wifi cpe? Click Update Wireless modes: You should contact the seller to resolve any questions before bidding.

Usefull when SSIDs are the same. Maybe the reason is because the wifi is not yet connected. If you connect is with a cat5 cable configured as an access point you shouldn’t see such a speed drop.

It’s originally an almost 8 years old post, but still brilliant. Contact Seller to buy this.

I have already tried it: What this means is, if the AP is still in the All my 5G devices connect to the new Netgear router. You will lose all phone info though!