Alberto Acereda was a professor of Spanish and Latin American Literatures at Arizona State University from until He earned his B.A. in Hispanic. Posts By Alberto Acereda. Senior Director, Business Development. Some Thoughts on the Future of College Assessment. Toward a Culture of Evidence. Alberto Acereda. By. Topics; Future of Assessment · Global English · Higher Education · K & Adult Education · People & Community · R&D Lab · Skills, Gaps &.

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Forster y David Laraway.

Lulu Press – Hispanic Axereda, ABC de las Letras y las Artes Legal, Literary, and Historical Perspectives. Acereda under any circumstance. Verbum-Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Jean Andrews y Stephen G.

Alberto Acereda – Senior Director of Business Development

Vanderbilt University Press, Hispanic Poetry Review 3 Anales de Literatura Hispanoamericana 40 Alberto Acereda – Education. Kelly Washbourne with Sergio Waisman. I’m not a spammer. He has evaluated book manuscripts for university presses at ivy league institutions and sits on several editorial boards. It also includes notes, book reviews and manuscript studies.

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Cantos de vida y esperanza. Nationally renowned degree, both in the field of Spanish Language studies and in the field of Hispanic Literature. Revista de Letras y Ciencias Humanas Letras Peninsulares 15 Actas del I Congreso Internacional.

Romance Quarterly 48 Princeton, New JerseyU. Wrote several scholarly articles on Albedto and Latin American literature as well as critical editions and scholarly books. Courses on Modern Spanish language: Romance Languages and Literatures Doctoral work in several romance languages including the French, Italian, Portuguese and Lusophone traditions with specialization in the Spanish and Latin American literatures and cultures.

Letras Hispanas 2 Hispanic Philology Nationally renowned degree, both in the field of Spanish Language studies and in the field of Hispanic Literature. Also taught advanced courses dealing with Latin American literatures and cultures. Theatre and Prose, Poetry and Essay.

Revista de la Universidad de Puerto Rico 13 South Atlantic Review 66 For this reason, his studies on modernismo are among the most admired and cited. The Marquesa de Fuerte-Hijar. It includes articles in English, Spanish or Catalan about the literature, history, art and thought around Hispanic Modernism.


Alberto Acereda

Some of his publications focus on textual representation of social and political issues, human rights, and ideology. Ediciones de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, He was a wonderful mentor for my role as instructor. He has authored multiple book reviews, several book chapters and encyclopedia entries.

Tercer Congreso Internacional de Literatura.