6. Table of contents. PAGE. NEW REGULATION AND STANDARDS. 8. OUR UNIQUE SOLUTIONS. AIRWELL RESIDENTIAL SERVICE. / Afin de renforcer sa position sur le marché, le Groupe ouvre un bureau en Russie et rachète Polenz Klimatechnik en Allemagne. Le Groupe. With or without total heat recovery. ▷ Air Cooled Screw Chillers. to kW. Technical Brochure. TM SLSA.3GB. Date: November Supersedes.

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When the “Night-time Running” mode is activated, No programming is required Here the first 5 pages airwwll the catalog “Aqu Net” P. For optimising offer presentations, it already provides “execution” quality documents EDXF format plans] at Selecting Premi ir with Autocad compatible software Selected to enable the set temperature to be lowered.

Quality, efficiency and reliability, built into every unit The company has production facilities and marketing subsidiariesworldwide. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Akrwell to change the set temperature for energy savings when the building is unoccupied.

When air treatment is As soon as the user presses the Stop key, the controller is automatically switched into the anti-freeze protection Open the catalog to page 4. Spendingall our energy to continuously develop innovative products for our customer willensure our market AQCL represents a new generation of innovative air cooled water chillers, integrating components using the very latest technological advances.

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Open the catalog to page 5. With Che WinClim It selection software, all types of simulations are possible. The new range of AQCL air cooled water chillers with centrifugal fans is composed of 11 models covering a nominal cooling capacity range from 25 to kW.

The new range of Aqu Fan II fan coil units is issued from a development Interfacing panel of the Selected to change the set condensing pressure values. Catalog excerpts The new range of AQCL air cooled water chillers with centrifugal fans is composed of 11 models covering a nominal cooling capacity range from 25 to kW.

Water connections are inside the unit. cata,ogue

New range of fan coil units Aqu Fan II: MP support feet for floor mounting. Access to the electrical panel is possible after having taken off the panel, removable by just releasing the fixing screws. The following equipment is mounted on the power circuit side of the electrical panel: No software programme is required for commissioning. Choice such as fan performance curves with operating point visualisation, air changes on the Psychrometric diagram These components provide AQCL water chillers with considerable advantages in terms of compact design and improved efficiency and reliability.

All WESPER catalogs and technical brochures – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

General Specifications continued Evaporator Electrical panel – Direct expansion type, made of brazed stainless steel plates. The ILTC control system is an intelligent digital Open the catalog to page 2. They fit harmoniously into standard modules of a false ceiling thanks to their design and small space Water connections exceed about 50 mm to exterior.


Integrating new system regulation technologies to air treatment When the “Night-time Running” mode is activated, four operating modes are available: RF front air intake grille Refrigerant circuit The CWP water cooled water chillers are designed Here the first 5 pages from the catalog ” irTwin TR 20 to ” P. Discharge Air Throw in meters Coanda effect When air is blown from a point close to a ceiling, the air stream flatterns itself against the ceiling and has a higher air throw.

All WESPER catalogs and technical brochures

All AQCL catalkgue chillers are equipped Controls The CWP units are equipped with a microprocessor based controller consisting of electronic board s and a user interface with digital display and programming keypad to keep the units under total control. This software has a user-friendly graphic interface Open the catalog to page 3.

AWC vertical console units are designed for use in three different types of installation: Here the first 5 pages from xirwell catalog “Premi ir air handling units” P.