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This is the initial publication of AFI , revising AFR Don’t develop AFOSH standards if existing Air Force directives and technical. Refer to Air Force Instruction (AFI) , Air Force Occupational and .. AFI , Air Force Occupational and Environmental Safety, Fire. AFOSH program guidance applies to all areas, except where otherwise . Manages the AFOSH standards program (AFI , Air Force.

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Procedures must be established ati personnel and tools must be 9-1302 for mass filter element installation. Sfi members previously qualified in a given ejection seat equipped aircraft and currently in transition to a different model of the aircraft, or undergoing upgrade training in the same type of aircraft, may receive egress training at the regular interval from date last accomplished, if the escape systems and procedures are the same in both aircraft models.

LSOs will maintain currency in unit-equipped aircraft. Request assistance from someone outside of your area for a more honest evaluation. Investigates accidents or incidents within functional areas.

Assists ALS personnel in managing munitions accounts to include time-change forecasting and ordering. Completion of the Vehicle Operator Apprentice course. AFI19 Julyis supplemented as follows: It also establishes requirements for deployment and distribution of ACDE for all aircrew members.

Seasonal periods for local flying may be defined using average ground temperatures and chill factors, instead of the calendar date.

Egress Volume 1 UREs – ProProfs Quiz

ALS QA programs are designed to provide feedback to technicians, trainers, supervisors, and managers to eliminate defects and deviations from established guidance. Loading, Lashing and Covering Cargo 7. Subdued method is at the discretion of the unit commander.

MAJCOMs will supplement this instruction for their unique programs within 12 months of the publication date of this instruction. Identify basic facts about operating vehicles under contingency environments and wartime roles of the vehicle operator.


A CFETP is a comprehensive core training document that identifies; life-cycle education and training aif training support resources; and minimum core task requirements for a specialty. Are invited concerning training AETC graduates receive. The globe and the arrows symbolize the Air Force Transportation vision statement: Louis School of Business Administration St.

Higher headquarters correspondence e. Published by 91-3002, Government vehicles that are used to transport explosives must be inspected daily to. Maintain a current file of directives, procedures, T.

Determines adequacy of controls established for occupational health hazards. Hands-on performance training that personnel designed to qualify an airman in a specific position. Provides statistical data, analysis, and recommendations on all mishaps or incidents involving ALSE or training.

Proposed changes to Air Force T. The CFETP aims to give personnel a clear path and instills a sense of industry in career field training. Experience performing vehicle operations functions such as inspecting, servicing, ai, scheduling, and dispatching vehicles; controlling equipment and performing custodial duties; or preparing, reviewing, and maintaining vehicle forms and records.

What class of fire extinguisher must be used to fight a fire fueled by wood, paper, cloth, rubber or plastic?

Egress Volume 1 Ures

Section D — Training Course Index 9. Normally, this training is conducted by AETC at one of the technical training centers. Performance contract b surveillance 5.

When AETC has no training capability affi a specific aircraft egress system, who should conduct the training? Quick-don anti-exposure suits will be readily available for aircrew during overwater flights when the water temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit F The tests sample knowledge of STS subject matter areas judged by test development team members as most appropriate for promotion to higher grades.

Organizational Structure 20 7. Units may request waivers when unique circumstances or requirements affect their capability to support the programs, policies and procedures that are in this supplement.


Visor housings may only be customized using elastomeric film decalstape or equivalent materials. Corrective actions will be documented as prescribed by governing instructions or afo required to reflect current status and actions taken.

Technical Education 24 semester hours: Knowledge is mandatory of: ALS personnel assigned to units with a mobility requirement are assigned to arming Groups B and C, as applicable.

Calibrates all test equipment used by ALS personnel to maintain aircrew flight equipment. One time event, per base assignment, conducted prior to the first flight at home station to familiarize aircrew members with local ALS equipment availability, issue, use, pre-flight, and post-flight procedures.

Quantities on hand will be consistent with Hazardous Material Pharmacy policy. Label all packages using a 1 inch by 3 inch label, placed on the inside of the package, with the date of installation, any applicable manufacturing data and the initials of individual who packaged the item.

Proficiency training is additional training, either in-residence or exportable advanced training courses, or on-the-job training, provided to personnel to increase their skills and knowledge beyond the minimum required for upgrade.


When a CDC is not available: Study quide or URE’s for journeyman test. When a CCAF student separates or retires, a trade skill certification is awarded for the 9-1302 occupational specialty.

Use letter or message wfi to request waivers depending on urgency. AFIVehicle Operations 9. Prepares, reviews, and maintains vehicle operator forms, records, and reports on vehicle operation, inspection, and dispatching activities. Vehicles will be properly maintained, configured with required safety devices and will protect ALSE from the elements.

Develops taxi zones or stands.