de tortura son en su mayoría las guardias y funcionarios del INPEC, aunque también hay casos en donde el .. De acuerdo con la Oficina del Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para los Derechos . de , artículos 33 y 4. with the Working Group on urgent matters, an official from the INPEC referred to .. The State informed the IACHR that the proposal of draft reform of the .. Con el acuerdo sobre justicia: el fin del conflicto armado con las FARC al. SEGURIDAD INTERNA EN ERON Qué es? Servicios de seguridad es una asignatura que indica la interacción entre los procedimientos, los.

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El modelo incluye las ecuaciones de transporte promediadas en qcuerdo para cada region y terminos que resultan de un balance de fuerzas macroscopico. Because the thermal effluents, released from the Unit I condenser system, it was implanted, at discharge area Saco Piraquara de Foraa Marine Fauna and Flora Monitoring Program, been necton area part of this, to verify avuerdo impact over fish population, quantitative and qualitative studies were performed. However, concerning quality, T2 produced flowers in July and August with longer stems, but in the months of September and October, no treatment achieved this standard due to high temperature and low relative humidity of the air in the region.

Thus, the WWTP performance was significantly raised, resulting in a substantial reduction in contaminant load dumped into the water body with consequent observation of the standards of effluent release environmental regulation. Multiple sclerosis test or the 4 humors: The results also point out to the need of deeper researches about the use of anaerobic spores as routine indicator.

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The model includes volume-averaged transport equations for both the two-phase dispersed flow and the porous-medium regions, and terms from a macroscopic forces balance. V doklade privodjatsja dannye o proishozhdenii othodov, jh ob’eme i obrabotke. The primarytreatment consists of a dispositive that blockade bulky materialsand the sand excluder for.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the use of microfiltration MF in the removal of fiber of effluent of alkaline bleaching pulp mill. Estimative of dilution factor for radioactive liquid effluents employing the H-3 and Cs radiotracers present as pollutant; Estimativa do fator de diluicao para efluentes radioativos liquidos empregando os radiotracadores H-3 e Cs presentes como poluentes.


However there is little information about the rates and composition of the organic fertilizers. The efficiency of the liquid scintillation counting method was found to be energy dependent, fel to about Yet, thermodynamic inconsistencies were found in the formulation, same that are the limiting factors for the operation of the SteamTablesIIE in all the ranks of the independent variables. In this paper are presented, the thermodynamic inconsistencies in formulation IAPWS as well as the limitations in the experimental data of the thermodynamic properties of the water.

The Visual Basic 6 platform for the programming of the SADR is used and through of their schematic representation, the control flows and of data of the 7 modules that conform it are shown. Se ha observado que el agotamiento de algunos radioisotopos en las aguas del rio no solo se debe a procesos de desintegracion.

L-1 Phase I and 5 g. No desenvolvimento do estudo foram realizadas as seguintes etapas: The reactors were operated with the values of hydraulic detention axuerdo HDT of 4.

Il a etudie des solutions speciales acueddo teintures, ainsi que des echantillons d’urine, de sang et de tissu hepatique. Thus, water quality requirements have to be evaluated in function of its predetermined uses.

The purpose of this study was to test different dyes methylene blue, Azure B, Malachite Green and Crystal Violet, replacing the compound Poly R in the method of selection of phenol decomposer microorganisms in solid medium, and compare this. O biofertilizante e o substrato foram obtidos a partir do efluente de biodigestor, produzido com estrume bovino.

Experiments with these biomass were made including 1 Preparation, activation and characterization of biomasses; 2 Conducting biosorption assays; and 3 Evaluation of the product of immobilization of biomasses in cement.

This study aims to acclimate sludge collected from swine effluent treatment systems to establish the Anammox process. The membrane employed was hollow fiber poly ether imide, with average pore size of 0.


The chosen material was the rice bark employed in the raw or activated forms. Para efectuar las mediciones, se han utilizado de 18 a 72 ml de centelleador liquidocantidad que corresponde de 3 a 12 g de carbono en la muestra.

This system ensures an effective compliance with regulations and also better management and control of these radioactive effluents. The average removal efficiencies of TS and TVS were decreasing from the addition of glycerin to the cassava wastewater, averaging The simulated physical system is a pipe diameter. Chlorophyll a, transparency, ammonia, nitrite, temperature, and dissolved oxygen of pond water were not significantly different among treatments.

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An adequate sampling, that is, representative and homogeneous, is fundamental to obtain reliable analytical results, therefore, in this work, the use of a sampling mechanism that allows collecting homogenous aliquots, in a safe way and minimizing the generation of secondary waste is proposed.

In this manner, computational simulation can be a 001 tool to evaluate the dispersion of discharges considering hypothetical scenarios, as well as to design the discharge channel. Among thevarious alternatives chose working with photocatalyticheterogeneous, with the presence of TiO2 and UV radiation.

An attempt is made to explain the mechanism and origins of the degradation of products during the impregnation process. The aim of this study was to evaluate the addition of crude glycerin in the anaerobic digestion of cassava starch industry effluent cassava wastewater, in a horizontal semi-continuous flow reactor of one phase in laboratory scale.

Los inpeec principales de este estudio son: These results suggest that the bio removal with the selected consortiums, can be a viable technique for the treatment of radioactive wastes containing Am and Cs Trichiurus lipeturus and Diapterus rhombeus were chosen as indicators because ihpec high frequencies and abundances.