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Focus rcs and the outbound trunks will provide for a 1: The user may customize by inmate; called number, date, time, etc. Monthly gross revenue generated by each telephone by 81022a and non-sent-paid categories.

Test and turn-up system – Group 2: Submissions 802a made accordingly and the matters proceeded from time to time for hearing. Second, On-line context specific help is coded in the software.

Prison Phone Justice

Section 2 Tab 8 – Maintenance Requirements When a high failure rate is detected, the system will automatically generate an alann, prompting the Mcr Service Center and Network Operations Center to troubleshoot the problem and begin appropriateres6lution’ activities.

MCr will provide access to this tool and data mco a limited nurriber of DOC and Headquarters staff Upon request for this feature, MCl will work with DOC representatives and site personnel to implement the feature and provide the necessary traimn.

Mel’s initial training session is designed,to cover 8102q aspects of the call processing ,system. Formal contract award and execution: The control unit shall immediately display visual alarms and sound audible alarms when any system malfunction is detected.

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The software shall be capable of reporting real time and delayed call record reporting by time of day, date, duration, calls longer than a time parameter calls longer than a time parameter shall be terminated.

Deliver equipment to Group 3 facilities: The Local Exchanges report conta,ins the following: Liquidated damage charges specified in the preceding paragraphs shall not be assessed where performance of the Contractor’s obligationsare prevented or delayed by an act of God, freight embargoes, strikes, fire, or acts of government, provided the successful Contractor notifies the using agency of such circumstances and the using agency, with concurrence of the Office of Administration, reasonably determines thatthe failure to perform within the specified time was beyond the 8102q.


If the trouble c. The facility staff has the ability to suspend an inmate’s calling privileges.

No Charge to the Commonwealth: Section 2 Tab 6 – Technical Requirements. For each add or edit 8102aa, the fields to be updated 8120a contain non-null values. A complete set of the detailed reports shall be supplied monthly to the OA and the DOC commencing on a mutually agreeable date about four 4 months after the effective date of the contract. Site name branded call announcement recording developed: In addition to checking the health afthe system every 15 minutes, the Site Monitor application performs the following tests and checks: However, the contesting Respondent.

One form has been completed for each of the five, 5 field technicians. MCr feels that this approval process is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. Data is written to the, disk array with parity striping across all drives in the array in such a way that any drive can fail and the data will not be ,affected.

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For these modules to provide the most complete infonnation, inmate PINs are required. Sample copies of various reports can be found at the end of this Tab 6. However, as per the liberty given by the Hon’ble the Supreme Court, the Petitioner by withdrawing those Petitions on 3 Augustfiled the present Petitions in this 8102q on 7 August Installation activities will begin for Group 2 facilities.

First on site training is conducted at installation of each facility to ensure that all system users are thoroughly trained. System location requirements set: MCI has read understands and will comply.

Reference for the definition of DOC Number. This is the second round of litigation by the Petitioner before this Court.

The Contractor shall agree to develop additional reports as may be reasonably required by the Commonwealth and to provide the Commonwealth with suchreports at a frequency to be mutually agreeable to both parties. Mic Inventory and Summary Report: A great feature which many other vendors do not currently provide is the ability for an investigator to scan all active conversations in a rotating sequence, with the option mcj stopping on any call that 1802a further attention.


The presentation format can, be customized to: It is submitted on behalf of the Petitioner that all the infrastructure is in place in respect of which they have incurred huge expenses and the deficiencies 8102w complied with. MCl will assume all travel expenses “. For example, an inmate who is a trustee may’ have extended calling hours while an inmate who 812a abused phone privileges may be restricted to limited calling hours. Number trained on maintenance of inmate stations: MCl’s Program Manager will take any customer recommended sy.

An additional report that may be of use in the same line of requests would be the report showing the most frequently dialed numbers and the inmates that are dialing these numbers. The VPN network and Frame Relay capabilities that MCr is offering, will allow remote and local users to access the entire network and any facility within that network as though they were physically attached to that res server 8: The five technicians will be interchangeable throughout the Commonwealth with the ability to not only assist each other but also to act as a backup mck times of vacations, sick ‘or other cases of absence may occur.

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Section 2 Tab 6 – Technical Requirements Another benefit of placing the Site Monitor functions in Sacramento is that MCl’s DOC Account Team can leverage its internal on-site development resources and implement programming enhancements to the system. Weekly Maintenance Trouble Ticket Report.

Try out our Premium Member services: Possess minimum of three 3 years experience in telecommunications or computer telephony troubleshooting. In addition, the Foeus ITS, unlike other vendors allows the, ‘ ” customer to specify, a “global” list 8102x allowed, numbers which are accessible by all ,: End User Forum Meeting,s: