I will order replacement transistors for all but only replace those that need The 2SC’s are used in both the pre-amp and main amp, if that. Hi All, total noob here but wanted to confirm something before I actually start replacing these transistors on my Akai GXd. Local electronic. 2SC, NPN 2SC, 2SC NPN Low Frequency Transistor, buy 2SC

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Obscure service subjects that don’t quite fit go in the Tranisstor and Do It Yourself subforum. It is not that hard. Does this sound about right? I don’t know why they called the 2SC a low noise transistor since the noise contour map of the 2SC shows that it is much noisier than many transistors.

Are there any good versions of the 2SC?

Infamous 2SC Transistors – Tapeheads Tape, Audio and Music Forums

As to the install so that the EBC matches, research this, mark your board, know that the slant faced s used the side opposite the writing as the front when you look at the data sheet and the new ones use the writing face as the front. Yamaha CR is actually praised for tuner although I don’t trwnsistor it at all.

Sonics consultant for Denon. I’lI swap those 4 on power supply. I can’t imagine a company will release a product that consistently does not work and still be in business a year later. For one, I don’t see how reversing collector and emitter changes the polarity of the device. There are some things you must absolutely match up. Which 2SC transistors are you planning to replace?


2SC Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. Transistor Catalog

Those who have studied EE can easily resolve this problem in that the parameter of transistors is part of the course usually. Find all posts by kcbluesman. Transistors, where to buy?? I used KSC’s in my x with awesome results. Would you like to see your company or site here? The noise floor on the is a bit better I don’t have any test gear than the Is transisotr another replacement for the s?

For more Tapeheads affiliates and links, see the Links traneistor Resources page.

Conversely, sub a fast device in the output section of a Pioneer SX with a slow one and see what happens. Share This Page Tweet.

Ah, I see you are not saying that. Sorry for all the questions, just thought figured I would ask all you tech savy veterans! A couple more came in and then a post about NTE being ok when what they do is buy big loads of leftovers and relabel them. Originally Posted by Mosesmunoz. All rights reserved, no use of any element incorporated into this site without express written permission. Do you already 2s4c58 an account?

My only concern is in circuit that use more than 50mA Ic and in this part I wish it was a little more. I guess if you live somewhere with a brick and mortar electronics supplier who distributes only NTE and your need is urgent, NTE may be ok It is not hard to calculate. And it also seem to be part of most “repair” kits you can buy on the internet for those machines. Is that a good replacement? In the world of repair, 22sc458 often times have to use substitute transistors.


What about noise performances?

2SC458 – 2SC458 NPN Low Frequency Transistor

Don’t worry, virtually every transistors are better than the 2SC I went to a local Electronic store in order to change my 2sc trans I have used NTE transistors in the past and they all worked fine. The service manual schematic diagram also shows a picture of all transistors. All sorts of parameters can matter. The KSC previously suggested is perfect too.

And they are pricey. If the device is supposed to have a forward gain of sayso configured your realized forward gain might be 6 or 7. You can pretty much eye-ball this to match. Stick a fast device in a circuit designed and compensated for a slow one and see what can happen to stability. Repaired many AKAIs using that replacement transistor. Find all posts by johns Last edited by Skywavebe; at Last edited by Pacific Stereo; at Find all posts by Ebzen.

Yes, my password is: If it was built in the 70s, change ’em!