Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Ford Windstar. View and Download FORD Windstar owner’s manual online. Windstar Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: windstar. View and Download Ford Windstar owner’s manual online. Windstar Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: windstar.

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Built-In Child Seat If equipped The second row bench seat may include two optional built-in child safety seats one on the driver side and one on the passenger side. Maintenance and Care Taillamp lens removal Grasp lens along liftgate opening edge and pull straight rearward until snap attachment releases. These actions could cause damage to the glass and mirrors. Extended idling at high engine speeds can produce very high temperatures in the engine and exhaust system, creating the risk of fire or other damage.

It may be caused by: If you do, you may damage the wires that are bonded to the inside of the rear window, and cause damage to the rear window defogger. Install the child safety seat in a seating position which is capable of providing a tether anchorage.

2002 Ford Windstar – Owner’s Manual (296 pages)

Tether anchor location — second row bench seat with built-in child safety winrstar. Dealership Service and Maintenance Your satisfaction is our 1 goal. When your vehicle warms up, you may want to set the Fan Speed Knob to a lower speed, or adjust the Temperature Control Knob to a lower setting to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The radio will automatically begin playing until fast forward is manually stopped. If you notice that the tires wear unevenly, have them checked. If oners power steering system breaks down or if the engine is turned offyou can steer the vehicle manually, but it takes more effort.


Roadside Emergencies After you connect the jumper cables to the batteries: Ford recommends that high current fuses be replaced by a qualified technician.

Ford Windstar Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

The full console Liftgate Liftgate opening procedure To open the liftgate, insert the door key into the lock and turn it clockwise. The adjustment allows onwers approximately 76 mm 3 inches of maximum travel. Push the lever to the up position. To deflate, push the recessed side of the switch.

Page Liftgate closing procedure To make the liftgate swing downward, reach up and pull the lower edge of the liftgate or the loop handle on the inner trim panel of vehicles with this option and pull downward. I didn’t need to use the manuals very often so the set is in very nice shape. Windshield Washer Concentrate Use only brake fluids certified to meet Ford specifications.

Move the seat to the desired position. Controls and Features Do not push the keypad buttons with a key, ball-point pen, pencil, or any other hard object since they could damage the buttons. Controls and Features The auxiliary system is controlled exclusively by the 9-position switch.

If you see or smell fuel, do not start your vehicle again. Extended Service Plan, Ford To obtain reimbursement information, U.

Ford Windstar Owner’s Manual

Reach under the license plate light shield and release the liftgate latch by squeezing the paddle handle rearward.

Instead, gradually decrease the speed. Page Controls and Features Doors For information on the liftgate refer to the Liftgate section later in this chapter. Do not adjust the steering wheel while the vehicle is in motion. Mirrors Do not remove ice from the mirrors with a scraper or attempt to readjust the mirror glass if it is frozen in place. For example, you can set the interval so they wipe less often in light rain or more often in heavier rain. OFF — Rear wiper and washer off.


Ford Windstar Manual | eBay

Loosen the thumbwheel at both ends of the cross-bar both cross-bars are adjustable. To open the window completely, tap quickly on the lower half of the switch and release it. What you see in the pictures is exactly what windatar will receive. Page 89 wihdstar will also include a rear seat climate control knob.

If your vehicle is ,anual on level ground, you may need as much as five gallons 20 liters of fuel to start You may need to turn the ignition to START several times before engaging sindstar starter leaving it in that position several Ford Windstar User Manual pages. Page Seating and Safety Restraints E-Z access operation — passenger side optional second row bucket seats To provide easy access to the rear of the vehicle, the passenger side second row bucket seatback can be tilted forward.

This is the owners manual, quick reference guide, scheduled maintenance guide, warranty guide booklet and entertainment system booklet.

The ratcheting mechanism allows the fuel cap to be sealed without overtightening. Battery Saver When the ignition switch is turned to OFF, the vehicle will turn off battery voltage to the interior lamps after 45 minutes. Each time you start your vehicle, the displays go through a self-test by lighting up all segments for about one second and then turning off all segments for about one second, before displaying windwtar gauge readings. Do not place heavy objects in the cupholders.