Joint circular 01//TTLT-BNV-BTC 04//TT-BNV of June 21, , which guides the implementation of a number of Quyết định 08//QĐ-BNV. Number: 29//TTLT/BNG-BNV-BTC-BLDTBXH. SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIET NAM. Independence – Freedom – Happiness. Ha Noi, November 08, //ND-CP of December 23, , providing for a number of regimes for . 50//TTLT-BTC-BNV conditions and procedures for the appoin Thuộc lĩnh vực máy hành chính, Kế toán – Kiểm toán và sẽ có hiệu lực kể từ ngày 25/08/

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Ban Gu Ban Gu, courtesy name Mengjian, was a 1st century Chinese historian and poet best known for his part in compiling the Book of Han. Olcott was the first well-known American of European ancestry to 0 a formal conversion to Buddhism Olcott is considered a Buddhist modernist for his efforts in interpreting Buddhism through a Westernized lens.

He was an athlete, a champion cyclist and is described as a world cycling champion in The more disadvantages he met in his life, the more talented he became in his writing. The search for roots is a central theme in Wickramasinghe’s writings on the culture and life of the people of Sri Lanka. He entered the novitiate of the Society of Jesus in Rome on 24 April to dedicate his life to missionary work.

Over the years, Evelyn’s Diary has been over-shadowed by Pepys’s chronicles of 17th-century life. Ttlf Godwin Woodson December 19, – April 3, [1] was an African-American historian, author, journalist and scholar.

He was among the first notable teachers of Hinduism to lecture in the United States.

National Professor Abdur Razzaq – November 28, was a noted scholar, academic, educator and intellectual in Bangladesh. Watanabe Kazan was a Japanese painter, scholar and statesman member of the samurai class.

Johannes Cocceius theology was founded entirely on the Bible, and he encouraged the study of the original text. Gaza Gaza’s translations were superior, both in accuracy and style, to the versions in use before his time.


His ideas inspired a reformation movement that was supported by the Guangxu Emperor but loathed by Empress Dowager Cixi. After Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa calling for the death of “the author of the Satanic Verses book, which is against Islam, the Prophet and the Qur’an, and all those involved in its publication who are aware of its content”, he was stabbed to death repeatedly in the face and arms by an unknown assailant on July 11, in his office at the University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki,[2] where he was an associate professor.

Nguyen Thuong Hien Nguyen Thuong Hien was a Vietnamese scholar-gentry anti-colonial revolutionary activist who advocated independence from French colonial rule. Hope, belonging to a neo-classical or Augustian movement in poetry, but his choice of subject matter is different in that he concentrates on writing long metaphysical narrative poems, combining Eastern subject matter with his own metaphysical journey to shape the narrative.

Masao Maruyama Maruyama Masao, March 22, – August 15, was a leading Japanese political scientist and political theorist. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Other than his activities in the religious and political sectors, Hamka was also a journalist, a writer, and a publisher. Compiler of the Bo hu tong. Olcott was a major revivalist of Buddhism in Sri Lanka and he is still honored in Sri Lanka for these efforts. Hanna Petros was an Iraqi Assyrian composer and a scholar. Cao Cao Cao Cao was a warlord and the penultimate chancellor of the Eastern Han Dynasty who rose to great power during the dynasty’s final years.

The Yushima-Seido, which stood at the apex of the Tokugawa shogunate’s educational system; and Jussai was styled with the hereditary title “Head of the State University”.

His books are widely used in the study of the comparatively under-documented history and culture of Myanmar. Bessarion Bessarion was one of the most learned scholars of his time. He was known for writing fluently, with major use of rhetoric and allusion.


The basic for calculating overtime pay

Nguyen 200 was a Vietnamese scholar-gentry anti-colonial revolutionary activist who advocated independence from French colonial rule. This group had two primary objectives. It is well known that students hailing from different parts of Europe came to see and hear him at those classes, when he taught Greek and philosophy courses. From that point on I was determined to seize upon our country’s literature and on modern learning to awaken our citizenry.

Oxford and Cambridge educated Htin Aung wrote several books on Burmese history and culture in both Burmese and English. Keith-Falconer taught himself Hebrew at Harrow and then moved on to other Semitic languages.

– The largest database of legal documents in Vietnam

He also produced a work on ethnobotany Flora Andhirica in which give the Telugu names for various plant species in the Northern Circars, north of the Godavari delta area.

His name is sometimes misread according to the Sino-Japanese reading as Rin Shihei.

He was also a Sanskrit scholar. It was said her works could have filled eight volumes. He has written widely on Buddhism and comparative linguistics. Bai Juyi was also renowned in Japan. He ttlf an influential treatise on cosmogony, the Huangji Jingshi Book of supreme world ordering principles Shao was a member of a group of thinkers who gathered in Luoyang toward the last three decades of the 11th century.